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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The healing power of Clear Quartz

As a professional Crystal Healing Practitioner, I am often asked what my favourite healing stone is. Even though I have worked with many different stones in my thirteen-year healing career, my answer is the same now as it was over a decade ago; Clear Quartz!

Clear Quartz is the most powerful and popular healing stone in a Therapists’ kit. Even scientists are in awe of this amazing crystal! Because of its unique hexagonal crystalline structure, it is extremely versatile and high-vibrational. Its piezoelectric properties make it essential in much of our complex, modern-day technology such as microchips and digital technology, and its cell structure has led to some astounding recent discoveries.

For example, in 2014, researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK, succeeded in recording and retrieving five-dimensional digital data using a quartz crystal. Using ultrafast lasers, they encoded a piece of quartz with 5D information in the form of nanostructured dots, separated by only one-millionth of a meter. This futuristic storage technique has the capacity to contain 360-terabyte per disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1000°C, and a virtually unlimited lifetime (read more HERE)

Energetically, Clear quartz resonates with the highest chakras (especially the Higher Crown and Crown Chakras), however, it can be used on all areas of the body to facilitate deep transformation and healing.

Used in the form of points or chargers, Clear Quartz points can amplify the energy and healing abilities of other stones. They can be used to direct energy flow throughout the entire body and large points (such as lasers) are the most effective types of wands for aura cleansing and precise energy healing work.

Clear quartz brings light, clarity, spiritual growth, and vision to the higher chakras, healing, and cleansing to the lower chakras, and protection from environmental and psychic pollution. It can be used around the home, in elixirs, and placed in the bath for complete mind, body & spirit purification.

Best of all, being the only truly programmable crystal, Clear Quartz can be used to manifest your dreams and higher purpose. This means it can also be used for distance healing.

Clear Quartz can exhibit many unique and varied features which make it extra special by adding to its healing abilities. Some of these remarkable features include

· Windows

· time-links

· rainbows

· phantoms,

· tantric twin crystals

· barnacle crystals

Quartz crystals that display one or more of these unique features are called ‘Master Crystals’.

If you’d love to find out more about the healing properties of stones, or how to work more effectively with healing crystals, then please check out my online beginner Crystal Healing Courses.

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