From a campervan named 'Dave' to a global, world-class Healing Institute


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Our story...

Our story begins with an Energy Healing Practitioner named Kate Mantello and a wildly painted campervan named 'Dave'. It was 2008, and Kate (who was a bit of a global adventurer) launched her healing career travelling Australia with a van full of crystals.


Over the next decade, her journey took her all over Australia and to Canada, where she used her skills and experience to develop a uniquely powerful method of Energetic Healing. Crystal Healing workshops and live demonstrations at wellness events soon followed, and in 2016, after 6 months spent in social hibernation (supported by copious amounts of wine and coffee), the drafts of Evolve's first online courses were written. 


Within 12 months, 'Transpersonal Crystal Healing' was officially registered as new energy healing modality, and Kate's courses were being downloaded in 4 continents.


Now, Evolve Healing Institute is no longer a one-woman-show! With a growing team of dedicated Healing Coaches and support staff, Evolve is one of the most recognised and respected Crystal Healing organisations in the world. With over 6000 students in 6 continents, we are completely dedicated to raising the standards of Crystal Healing Globally! In 2020 we hope to expand our courses into other areas of holistic wellness and Energetic Healing, so stay tuned...

Our Mission...

Support personal and global evolution through each incredible healing journey

Our Values...

Quality. Authenticity. Integrity.

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100& Dedicated to Helping you


Healing is a universal concept. Every act of authenticity, kindness, compassion and healing, has a ripple-on effect.  On a personal level, this can be as simple as offering someone a smile and a hug on a sad day.  On an organisational level, we try to uphold these values through ethical business practice, charitable community donations and equal learning opportunities for all.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to SHINE - regardless of background or circumstance. That's why we are proud to offer our 'Evolve Shine Initiatives'!


Evolve 'Shine' Initiatives 

We can't wait!

At Evolve, our mission is to provide you the BEST online learning experience possible! We resonate deeply with Holistic & Energetic Healing and can't wait to share these amazing modalities with you...

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