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About Evolve Healing Institute

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Meet Kate Mantello


I'm Kate Mantello, the proud author of ROCK ON and Founder of Evolve Healing Institute.  I established Evolve, because it was my goal to raise the standards of professional Crystal Healing Practitioners globally. My first crystal healing training was delivered in 2016 to a group of 14 in a hired room. By 2021 Evolve had become one of the most respected and sought after crystal healing training organizations in the world, having signed on more than 20,000 students! 

I absolutely LOVE what I do and am incredibly passionate about sharing healing knowledge with the world. I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves and I love seeing the light go on inside my students and clients when they realize their own amazing healing potential.

As an institution, Evolve stands for Quality, Integrity, Authenticity, Empowerment & Healing. But it is the heart, passion, dedication and commitment of our amazing team that really illuminates our core. Find out more about us below...

Rock On Kate Mantello
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Kate's Personal Healing Journey...

Meet the Awesome Evolve Team!


Annual Team Retreat 2023

The Evolve Community Values
Interested in studying with us? Here's what our community is like...

Members of our student community ARE...

  • Genuine, real & show up fully

  • Prepared to immerse & do the healing work on themselves

  • Value the BEST (not the cheapest or easiest) & are willing to invest financially in the highest quality training for their future

  • Willing to explore, question & sit with discomfort because they understand this will help them grow the most

  • Self-accountable 

  • Committed to the path of healing for themselves & others

  • Do the work properly, thoroughly & to the best of their ability

  • Supportive & encouraging to other community members

  • Communicate respectfully & from their center of truth

  • Understand healing is a journey that requires active participation

  • Feel called to a greater purpose larger than themselves

  • On this path for the long run & willing to overcome inevitable bumps in the road to see it through to completion

  • Ask the right questions of us, their clients and themselves with the goal to arrive at the real point of truth & wisdom

Members of our student community are NOT...

  • Inauthentic & don't show up for themselves or others

  • Attached to being a victim & not helping themselves

  • Governed by scarcity, only want ‘cheap’ and don’t value the integrity & quality of their education & training

  • Unwilling to get uncomfortable, meet challenge or explore new paradigms & perspectives

  • Unaccountable for their own learning & healing journey

  • Superficially interested in personal development & healing 

  • Do the bare minimum & expect top results

  • Expect special entitlements, discounts or allowances

  • Communicate disrespectfully or aggressively

  • Expect to be healed or saved without working on themselves

  • Focused on self-servitude & do not intend to use their skills or learnings for the good of others 

  • Quitters who give up as soon as they feel challenged

  • Blame others & outside forces for their life situation without any ownership or self-reflection


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