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A fun, hands-on journey into the world of crystal elixirs and crystal mixology. Turn your kitchen into a crystal brewery & create your own signature elixir blends!

Your Immersive Healing Journey...


Are you ready to dive deeply into one of the most exciting and mystical aspects of crystal healing?

Our Intensive Crystal Elixirs Course will take you on an immersive and interactive learning experience into the art of brewing crystal-infused elixirs for health, skincare, massage oils and cleansing spritzers.

  • Learn crystal mixology with 10 crystal-infused elixir recipes to try at home

  • Learn how to work with different sun & moon energies to enhance the energy of your elixirs

  • Explore different immersion methods & receive extensive crystal safety charts for easy reference!

About Our Crystal Elixir-Making Course

Crystal-infused products are in high global demand for being both beautiful and energetically high-vibe! From crystal infused body & bath products to crystal elixir water and cleansing spritzers - there is no limit to how you can level-up your favorite wellness products with crystal energy.

In our intensive Crystal Elixir Course, you'll learn to make your own crystal elixir products for personal home use, or to add powerful healing energy to your existing commercial product range. Join Master crystal healer, Kate Mantello in the kitchen as she guides you through her favorite elixir making processes. 

Including 10 custom crystal elixir recipes and in-depth lessons on moon-phase energy, crystal mixology, elixir-making techniques and crystal combinations, you'll love creating your own unique crystal blends in your kitchen!

crystal elixir

Photo courtesy of Evolve graduate, Charley Miles

Here's what's included...

Here's what you'll learn...

Intensive Crystal Elixirs Course


Introduction to Crystal Elixirs

  • Introduction to crystal elixirs

  • Different types of crystal elixirs & crystal infused products

  • Using different crystal elixir products​


Crystal Elixir-Making Tools & Methodology

  • Elixir-making equipment

  • 'Safe' & 'Unsafe' elixir making methods

  • How to make a crystal elixir step-by-step


Choosing Crystals for Your Elixirs

  • How to choose crystals for your elixir

  • Crystal combinations

  • Safe and unsafe crystals for elixir-making

  • Crystal safety reference charts


Moon & Sun Energy in Crystal Elixir-Making

  • Using solar & lunar energies in your elixirs

  • Working with moon-phases to enhance the energy of your elixirs


Crystal Mixology: 10 Crystal Elixir Recipes


  • Pain relief | Sleep | Detoxification | Abundance Anxiety relief | Healthy habits


  • Meditation oil | Self-love oil | Chakra alignment oil


  • Aura & space cleansing spritzer

Need more information about our courses? Contact us or download our course info booklet!

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Monthly live workshops with Kate Mantello

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5 interactive lessons (approx 30 study hrs)


Bonus E-Book ' Guide to 80 Healing Crystals'


Immediate start &

4 months unlimited online access

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m'ship to our online support group

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On demand 24/7 lessons to suit your lifestyle


9 quality videos,  

83 page textbook & workbook (PDF) 

Here's what's included...

As this course was newly launched in Apr 2022, we will get back to

you with some genuine student reviews soon!

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Your Immersive, Hands-On Learning


Your incredible learning journey begins as soon as you complete your enrollment!


First, you get INSTANT access to your Crystal Elixirs Course dashboard and lessons. Then, as you explore the videos, text, audio and your course activity workbook, you will find yourself being guided on an immersive and experiential journey into the world of crystal elixirs and crystal-infused health products.

Got questions? No problem! With the support of our coaching team and a global community of Evolve students ready to help, you'll always have assistance, encouragement and support when you need it!

Kate Mantello

Genuine knowledge.  Actionable skills.  Thousands of changed lives.

Is this Crystal Elixir Course right for YOU?

Energetic resonance is really important to us. We want you to feel as excited to learn with us as we feel about sharing this journey with you! Our Intensive Crystal Elixirs Course is right for you if...

  • You want to learn about crystal elixir-making for personal use or to create a commercial crystal-infused product range

  • You like learning in an easy-to-follow, and practical way

  • You want to learn more about the moon phases, crystal elixir-making processes and applications for crystal elixirs

  • You want a learning experience that is hands-on, engaging and interactive

  • You have beginner-to-intermediate level of knowledge and skill with crystal healing and crystal elixir-making 

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Intensive Crystal Elixirs Course FAQ

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