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Helping Crystal Healing Dreams come true!

Experience the Financial Freedom of our Crystal Healing Course Scholarship Program - Limited Places!

Would you LOVE to enroll in one of our life-changing Crystal Healing Courses BUT...

  • You are UNEMPLOYED or on DISABILITY payments

  • You are a SINGLE PARENT with no spare income

  • You are experiencing a life hardship or illness

  • You have the desire and dedication but little money

  • You lost your job or have been financially impacted?

Every year, we open our Scholarship Program to applicants all over the world who need financial assistance to make their dream of becoming a Crystal Healing Practitioner a reality!

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How to apply for a Crystal Healing Scholarship...

  • Read the Terms & Conditions (below)

  • Complete & submit the application form (below)

  • If successful, you will be offered a place within 24 hours via email, with your scholarship activation link.  

  • Because we receive hundreds of applications, you will only have 24 hours to accept and complete your enrollment via the activation link. This includes paying your fee share (or the first installment of your payment plan). If this step is not completed, your scholarship will be offered to the next person in line. 

  • Once your enrollment is complete, you can start!


1. We will be giving away 100 half-funded scholarship places for ___________. This means that we will subsidise 50% of your course fee (so you only pay half of the course fee).  We DO NOT offer fully-funded Scholarship places.

2. To be offered a scholarship, you must complete an APPLICATION FORM (link below). 


3. Scholarships will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner your application is submitted, the better your chances. Applications will close once all 100 scholarships are allocated or on the ____________ (whichever is sooner).

4. To be selected, you must meet the following criteria:



   -  You are in genuine financial or life hardship and without our financial assistance would otherwise not be able to enroll

   -  You complete the scholarship application form within the specified dates of ____________.

       (We do not back-date scholarships for enrollments received prior to this)

   -  You are able to pay your 50% share of the course fee within 24 hours of being accepted (or the 1st installment of a 6 month

       payment plan). Payable course fee share amounts can be found below.


   - You can commit at least 2 hours per week of at-home, online study for the duration of your studies

   - You are able to successfully complete the assessment tasks, which require some physical mobility and computer access. 

   - The same extension fees and completion rules apply to scholarship course enrollments as our regular enrollments

   - You are able to purchase, source, or supply the required course crystals. Please note, we sell crystal kits for our students HERE

PAYABLE FEE SHARE (Due immediately upon acceptance of your application)

Our partial scholarships cover 50% of your study fee and 50% is payable by you. You may opt to pay your 50% share in full, or with a 12 month payment plan. Please refer to to the USD payable amounts below:

  • ___________

  • ___________

5. Scholarship places cannot be redeemed for cash, transferred, exchanged, delayed/paused, deferred, extended, altered or refunded in any way.  Scholarships can not be back-dated or applied to enrollments received prior to __________. Please only enter if you are able to commit to the course mentally, emotionally, financially, physically and within the dates described above.

Our scholarship program is highly sought after and we receive HUNDREDS of applications from all around the world each year. Please get your application in as quickly as possible and ensure you meet ALL the criteria, to increase your chance of being offered a place. We are so excited to share this journey with you!

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