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Become a world-class, professional Crystal Healing Practitioner with this Accredited Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

Say goodbye to the meaningless daily grind and create the soul-fulfilling, abundant and spiritually nourishing career you deserve!

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I went from working a desk job I hated to working for myself & becoming one of the most successful crystal healers in the world! I now earn over $500k & help thousands of souls each year. This course will teach you how...

Beautiful Soul, I'm Kate Mantello, the founder of Evolve Healing Institute. I was a total crystal non-believer, until I experienced my first crystal healing session in 2007 and had my mind blown! Most of my clients feel the same. My Certified Crystal Healer Course is not your regular, la-di-da online crystal healing course. If you've read my bestselling crystal healing book, ROCK ON, you'll know I am a serious spiritual entrepreneur and I value living an energetically inspired, down to earth life that contributes massive impact and healing to others. This includes creating the most in-depth, empowering and skillful Crystal Healing Practitioner Course in the world. No shortcuts. No fluff. Interested? Scroll down to find out more...

Kate xx

Sign Up to the Certified Crystal Healer Course & Turn Your Crystal Passion into a Profession Today!


12 Month Accredited Online Crystal Healing Practitioner Training Program

Get ready for your life changing crystal healing journey! When you sign up to our Certified Crystal Healer Course, you are not just getting an online course. You are getting a totally supported, full-immersion, healing EXPERIENCE that will change your entire energetic frequency and life.






Course Inclusions:

  • Certified Crystal Healer online course

  • 1:1 Personal course coach support for 12 months

  • Monthly live Q&A masterclass with Kate Mantello - Evolve founder & leading energy healing expert

  • 12 months access to our global student community

  • 'Essential Guide to 80 Healing Crystals' E-Book


**Save $4894**

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Price in USD

Or join our 'ACTIVATE' 12 month membership and get loads of additional courses and bonuses for only $100 more:

  • Advanced Crystal Elixirs Course

  • Advanced Crystal Grids Course

  • Grow a Successful Online Crystal Biz Course

  • 10% lifetime discount at our online shop

  • Full access to the Evolve video library vault (over 50 additional training videos)





Total 'ACTIVATE' added value - $838

Your additional investment only +$100

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You won't believe how much value you'll get from our Certified Crystal Healer Course..

300+ page PDF coursebook

40 professional training videos

1:1 personal coach support for 1 year

Printable crystal body layout diagrams

Guided meditations

Interactive workbooks

Loads of hands-on activities & immersions

12 months online access

Live Q&A masterclass from Kate every month

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