Certificate in Applied Crystal Healing Body Layouts


  • Our most unique Crystal Healing Certification Course

  • Focuses on specialisation in one area of Crystal Healing (the application of crystal body layouts)

  • 40 powerful crystal healing body grids

  • Recommended for those with previous crystal healing knowledge/experience

One of the most important aspects of Crystal Healing, is knowing HOW and WHERE to place specific crystals on the body to treat different health situations (which can be a little confusing when there are hundreds of crystals to choose from!). That's why we created this world-class Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course, to take the guess work and self-doubt out of your Crystal Healing work...

You'll learn EXACTLY how to create 40 powerful crystal body layouts, to support healing for the most

common health issues such as: Depression, Anxiety, Migraine, Back pain, Sexual health, Insomnia, Low energy, Menopause and much more.  


You'll love the clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions. As an added bonus, you will also learn Kate's secret tips and tricks to get the most from each crystal layout!


Here's what you'll learn...

  • Different crystals & their specific uses

  • How to combine crystals in body grids

  • Understand  the 9 main Chakras

  • Correct crystal placement & grounding techniques

  • 40 powerful crystal body layouts for Anxiety, Pregnancy, Migraines, PMS, Abundance, Clairvoyance, Menopause, Back-pain, Sleep & more...

  • Common responses to a Crystal Healing

  • After crystal healing care

  • Plus more!

Here's what's Included...























About our Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course...

The Crystal Bodyworker Course is unlike any other Crystal Healing Certification Course!

It is for those who already have at least a basic understanding of crystal healing because it gets straight into the advanced practice of how to use crystal grids on the body for profound healing results.


Unlike our other Crystal Healing Courses, this course focuses on ONE main skill area of crystal healing, which is the practical application of crystal body grids. 

You will learn to perform 40 individual crystal healing body layouts to help everything from insomnia and headaches to attracting abundance and finding direction. 

Use these skills to complement and enhance your existing healing modalities such as Reiki, Kinesiology or Pranic Energy Healing, or take your current crystal healing skills to an EXPERT level!

(If you are a beginner or looking for more of an all-round Crystal Healing Practitioner Course, then please check out our Certified Crystal Healer Course)


From a professional healing room, to you

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Energetic resonance is really important to us, so we want to you feel as excited to learn with us, as we feel about sharing this journey with you!  Our

Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course is RIGHT for you if...

  • You already have some crystal healing knowledge or practice

  • Your goal is to become a SPECIALISED Crystal Healer

  • You are willing to do the hands-on work & immerse in the experience

  • You value the high quality of your education 

  • You want to learn more about practically working with crystals 

On completion of your practitioner course, you'll receive your:


Professionally recognised in 26 countries worldwide. 

Click HERE to find out more about our Accreditation.

Global Accreditation you can Trust...

What Our Students Say...

"This is one of the most amazing courses one can ever want - I loved every minute!!
I came away knowing more about crystals and their purpose than I thought could be possible.  If you love crystals, you need this course!
I found the tutorials easy to follow, it was as if I was in the room with Kate herself. An amazing tutor!
The information shared is so simple to understand, it really does give you the confidence and understanding required"

Maddy Wright


"I am absolutely 120% loving this course. 

I have done a couple of courses already but I have to say this is honestly the course that has resonated with me the very most. I love Kate, her style of teaching and I relate to her personality.

I never ever thought this would be a profession for me but after this course I really can see potential for me to share these wonderful gifts. 

So thank you all at Evolve team for giving me this"

Jo Colgrave


"I have done the course online and i wanted to say that its really great! Its practical, well thought out and the activities are a great way to connect and expand ones sensitivity, knowledge and confidence. Yet, it is perfectly concise! Courses that are offered in natural health colleges aren't so practical and well thought out. I have an advanced diploma in holistic counselling and mind body medicine and your course will work very nicely with it.!"

Diane Balot


Your learning journey...

Your incredible learning journey begins as soon as you complete your enrollment!  First, you get INSTANT access to your course dashboard and a welcome email from your Evolve Course Coach.

All of your course lessons will be available to you, except for the final assessment brief (which will be available 4 weeks later). This is so you can focus on learning.


The lessons are designed to develop your crystal knowledge, improve your energetic sensitivity and of course, perfect your Crystal Healing Layout technique.

You'll love exploring the text, video, audio and activity-based lessons from the comfort of your own home. Got questions? No problem! With the support of your own Course Coach and a global community of Evolve students ready to help, you'll have all the support you need.

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Crystal Bodyworker Course FAQS

What is the Difference Between the Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course and the Certified Crystal Healer Course?

Our Certified Crystal Healer Course is our 'standard' Crystal Healing Practitioner course. It is for Crystal Lovers of all experience levels (including new beginners) and will teach you to become a skilled Crystal Healing Practitioner, from scratch. You will learn all of the main aspects of crystal healing, including crystal care, crystal elixirs, crystal meditation, professional practice, crystal grid-making, chakra healing and some crystal body layouts. The Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course, on the other hand, skips over most of the basic Crystal Healing info, and gets straight to the juicy (and more advanced) skill of crystal body layouts. For this reason, if you are using the layouts in a professional setting, then it is best suited to those who already have some crystal knowledge or experience in energetic healing (such as Reiki). You do not need previous experience if you are simply using this course as a Crystal Healing reference guide for personal use! Consider this course more of an Advanced and specialised Crystal Healing Qualification!

Do I get a discount for this course, if I have already completed another Evolve Crystal Healing Practitioner Course?

We do not offer RPL discounts for this course, as it is already very well-priced and over 80% of the material is new. However, If you enroll in our Certified Crystal Healer and Certified Bodyworker courses together, then you will receive a fantastic AUD$125 'Course Combo' discount!

What Happens After I Enroll?

Once you have completed your enrollment, you will receive instant access to the course and a welcome email from your Course Healing Coach. We use a state-of-the-art delivery system to give our students the absolute best online Crystal Healing Course experience. The first introductory lessons explain the course expectations and how to navigate your student dashboard (don't worry- it's really easy!). From here, it is as simple as clicking through the lessons and following the prompts!

How Is This Crystal Healing Course Delivered?

We use a state-of-the-art delivery system to give our students the absolute best online Crystal Healing Course experience. Once you enroll, you will receive access to all the course lessons immediately, except for the final assessment task (which is available in week 4). This is to prevent students from 'rushing' through the work and completing the assessments in the first week!. You simply work your way through each lesson, and check it off as complete when you're done. Since our courses are delievered 'on demand', this means you can access your course work anywhere, any time, on any device. Lessons are made up of text, video and PDF downloads and include lots of hands-on Crystal Healing activities for you to complete at home (such as meditations and Crystal Healing sessions). There are also a few fun, practical assessments to complete. You have 6 months access to the course, so you can come back to review your lessons at any time! Although you will receive all the course lessons immediately, our flexible 'lifestyle study' delivery, means you can complete the course anytime between 4 weeks and 6 months. You will also receive unlimited, as-needed support from your own awesome Evolve Healing Coach (accessable via email, phone and skype) and will be immediately invited to join our online student support group. The best way to really get a feel for how our courses are delivered is to try our FREE CRYSTAL MINI-COURSES. You'll get to sample our online learning centre, plus you'll get some awesome crystal healing lessons (including text and video).... all for free!

What Are The Course Assessments Like?

This course has 1 practical healing assessment task that need to be completed in order to successfully graduate. This practical exercise is really important, because it will help you to put your knowledge into real practice and give us a good idea of how you have mastered the necessary skills in the course. Remember, your Course Coach is available to help you every step of the way and provide you with any helpful tips and feedback you might need! Don't worry- although the practical assessment shouldn't take too long, you have up to 6 months to complete the assessment. If you want to graduate faster, then you can complete the entire course as quickly as 4 weeks (or any time thereafter)!

What are the  Course Payment Options and Do you offer Payment Plans?

We offer 3 enrollment and payment options for this course. 1. Pay in Full | AUD $250 2. 2 Month Payment Plan | AUD $145 x 2 3. Certified Crystal Healer & Certified Crystal Bodyworker Combined enrollment | AUD$775 Due to the nature of our automated enrollment and payment processing, we unfortunately are not able to offer any special payment plan arrangements, payment extensions or weekly payment plans. All payments are debited on the same day of each month for the duration of the plan. Please click HERE for enrollments and pricing. Please click HERE for more info on our Payment Plans.

What Crystals do I Need for This Course?

As this is a professional crystal healing course, you are going to need some spcific crystals and healing tools to complete the lessons and assessments. However, exactly which stones you will need will depend on the crystal body layouts you decide to use for your practical assessments. As a bare minimum you will need: 1 x Set of chakra crystals (preferrably flat) 1 x Quality crystal wand (preferrably Lemurian Laser Quartz, at least 9cm long) 1 x Crystal Pendulum 1 x Selenite wand (natural or shaped, at least 14cm long) 10 x Small Clear Quartz points (4-6cm long) 10 x Small Amethyst, Citrine and/or Kyanite points (2-6cm long) Herbs for smudging (white sage, palo santo etc) A variety of different tumbled healing crystals (at least 20 different stones) You may supply the crystals yourself, however we recommend that our students purchase our ready-made (and absolutely beautiful!) Crystal Healing kits for peace of mind when it comes to quality, convenience and price. Shop Our Crystals Now Worldwide shipping!

Please click on the following links for information on Enrollment T&CsAccreditation, Payment Plans, & Important info you should know.  Please feel free to Contact Us for more information!