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Become an advanced & specialized practitioner of Crystal Bodywork with this Specialized Crystal Healer Course

Take the guesswork, self-doubt & confusion out of your crystal healing work... with this specialized, expert-level crystal bodywork practitioner's course!

**You must be a qualified Transpersonal Crystal Healer to take this course**

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Most inexperienced & newly qualified crystal healers feel unsure, lack of confidence or self-doubt at some point. Sound familiar? Here's why this course is the answer to your prayers...

Beautiful Soul, as a newly qualified Crystal Healer I learned what it was to doubt myself and rely on guesswork. Most crystal healing courses (including the one I did) teach the healing properties of crystals and their use with meditation, chakras and basic energy work... but not much else. So, when clients came through my door seeking help for real-life problems like anxiety, diabetes, ADHD, fibromyalgia, immune health, PMS, etc... I was at a loss. But with years of practice, I learned to become a master of crystal bodywork! My Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course is the result of my 15 year crystal healing career. In this course, you will learn 30 powerful crystal body layouts for real-life problems and healing outcomes, with loads of printable diagrams and step-by-step instructions - straight from my healing room to you!

NOTE: Because of the advanced and expert nature of this course, you must be a qualified TCH crystal healing practitioner to sign up!

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Kate xx

Sign Up to the Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course & Take Your Crystal Practice Next-Level Today!


12 Month Certified Advanced Crystal Healer
Training Program

Get ready to take your crystal healing practice to a whole new level! When you sign up to our Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course, you are not just getting an online course. You are getting a totally supported, full-immersion, healing EXPERIENCE that will change your entire energetic frequency and life.






Course Inclusions:

  • Certified Crystal Bodyworker online course

  • 1:1 Personal course coach support for 12 months

  • Monthly live Q&A masterclass with Kate Mantello - Evolve founder & leading energy healing expert

  • 12 months access to our global student community

  • 'Essential Guide to 80 Healing Crystals' E-Book


**Save $4894**

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Price in USD

GET EVEN MORE VALUE: Upgrade to our 'ASCEND' 12 month membership and get two world-class healing practitioner qualifications, 24 months access plus loads of extras including:

  • Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Practitioner Course

  • Advanced Crystal Elixirs Course

  • Advanced Crystal Grids Course

  • Grow a Successful Online Crystal Biz Course

  • 10% lifetime discount at Evolve Crystals online shop

  • 24 months online membership access

  • 24 months 1:1 coaching support

  • Full access to the Evolve video library vault (over 50 additional training videos)








Total 'ASCEND' added value - $8,332

Your additional investment only +$1900

(Affordable 12 month payment plan available)

YES - I want to learn more about ASCEND membership!



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You won't believe how much value you'll get from our Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course..

200+ page PDF coursebook

20 professional training videos

1:1 personal coach support for 1 year

30 Printable crystal body layout diagrams with

step-by-step instructions

Interactive workbook

Loads of hands-on activities & immersions

12 months online access

Live Q&A masterclass from Kate every month

Take a FREE Sneak Peek at some of the Content...

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"This is one of the most AMAZING user friendly courses one can ever want. I loved every minute! I came away knowing more about crystals and their purpose than I thought could even be possible.  If you love crystals, YOU NEED THIS COURSE! I found the tutorials easy to follow, it was as if I was in the room with Kate herself. An amazing tutor! The information shared is so simple to understand, it really does give you the confidence and understanding required. you."

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YOU can experience the same Amazing results as our
happy students!

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Real people. Real problems. REAL crystal solutions!

Beautiful Soul, when was the last time you went to your doctor, massage therapist or energy healer complaining that you needed your chakras aligned? Probably never, right?! As a healing practitioner with over 15 years experience, I can honesty say not a single client (spiritual or otherwise) has come to me because their chakras felt out of alignment. REAL people seek out healing support for REAL-LIFE problems like anxiety, miscarriage, mental health, insomnia and body pain.

Our Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course is the only specialized crystal healing course in the world completely dedicated to crystal bodywork and crystal layouts for specific, real-life healing situations. 

Each crystal layout has come directly out of my healing room and has been used successfully with real healing clients. Cut out years of trial and error working out what works and what doesn't... it's all here for you in one incredible crystal healing course! You'll love the step-by-step instructions, printable color diagrams and secret therapist tips to get the most from each body layout.


From my healing room to yours, Enjoy!


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Here's what you'll learn...

Unquestionable Experience. Unparalleled Quality.
Here's the Evolve

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Developed by a global healing expert

Over 15 years professional crystal healing experience working with thousands of real clients using revolutionary techniques.

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1:1 personalized student support

Practitioner students get personalized 1:1 coaching support from a qualified & experienced course coach.

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Live Q&A support masterclasses

Students are encouraged & supported in monthly live Q&A masterclasses with crystal healing expert, Kate Mantello.

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Massive over-delivery of value

We make it a point to exceed expectation & over-deliver on quality, resources, volume & learning experience for our students.

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A life-changing journey

Our students don't just get a high-level learning experience. They get a life-changing journey into their soul.

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Full-sensory hands-on learning

Our courses focus on developing genuine hands-on healing skills through interactive activities, demos & client practice.

Here's how it works...

In order to sign up for this course, you will need to request access by clicking any of the 'Request to Sign Up' buttons. This will navigate you to our 'Contact Us' page. Please let us know your name and your previous crystal healer qualifications/training. It is preferable that you have completed our Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course first (but crystal healers with demonstrated experience may also be eligible). Our student support manager will get back to you ASAP with your enrollment access link. 

Once you are enrolled, you can access your student portal at any time by clicking the 'LOGIN' button at the bottom of this website, or by saving the academy login page to your 'favorites' menu.

Once payment is made, you'll have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the first release of content and can access the lessons, videos and meditations whenever you like, from any device!


Start your life-changing Crystal Bodyworker journey today!


Click HERE for enrollment Ts & Cs

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