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Join the spiritual revolution...

Globally Accredited

World-class spiritual development courses & crystal healing practitioner training for the lightworkers of tomorrow


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Are You Ready to Evolve?

Welcome to Evolve Healing Institute...

You're here because you've been called to step-up.  To advance yourself spiritually and energetically and to guide others on empowered healing journeys towards conscious evolution.  

More than ever, humanity is in need of new leaders, healers and lightworkers to illuminate the way.

At Evolve, our goal is not only to train the world's best crystal healers and energy healing practitioners.

Our goal is to create a global community of thousands of spiritually awakened souls to help carry humanity into the new era.

You are an amazing being with unlimited potential - it's time to light-up the world!

Kate Mantello

Try Our FREE 30 Day Crystal Healing Course!

...and experience the power of crystal energy healing for yourself!

kate mantello

Hi Beautiful Soul...

I'm Kate Mantello, Master Energy Healing Practitioner, international author, keynote speaker,  and founder of Evolve Healing Institute.


I created Evolve, because I was disillusioned with the 'airy fairy' global perception of crystal healing courses. My decade-long career as a holistic healing practitioner taught me that energy healing was for everyone (not just those who were into chakras or spiritual woo-woo!)

There was a real, raw and grounded aspect to crystals and energy that you only discover in the healing room, once you've helped someone through a traumatic event such as debilitating anxiety, miscarriage, or grief. THAT is where the real healing journey lies!


Over 20,000 students all around the world have taken our online Crystal Healing CoursesChakra Healing Courses and Energy Healing Courses. Once you've tried our courses, you'll know why.

It's your time to shine, Beautiful Soul. The world needs your light!

xxx Kate
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Accredited in 39 Countries


Ethical & Authentic Organisation

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Unlimited 1-1 Coaching Support

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Master Hands-On Healing Skills


7 Day Refund Guarantee*


Easy 'Lifestyle'


Online Crystal Healing Courses & Energy Healing Courses... 

for true transformation!

Unleash your beautiful and unique healing style with confidence and skill! Whether you are a crystal beginner or a healing professional, you will be guided on a grounded yet spiritually transformational healing journey of personal discovery.


Our life-changing spiritual development and healing courses will give you the expert knowledge and techniques to totally transform your life and become a masterful healing practitioner - all while experiencing empowered, soul-centred growth.

Graduates of our spiritual development courses and internationally accredited healing practitioner courses including: Online Crystal Healing Courses, Transpersonal Therapy Courses and Chakra Healing Courses have experienced amazing personal transformations and launched successful businesses all over the world.  You can too! 


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Crystal Healing Therapy

The Evolve Healing Institute

  • ACCREDITED in 39 countries worldwide

  • CREATED BY AN EXPERT Crystal Healing Practitioner with over 14 years professional therapy experience


  • SUPPORT TEAM of heart-centered course coaches 


  • HANDS-ON healing skills for real-life healing situations & technique mastery 


  • 24/7 SUPPORT from a global online community


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to course content (loads of downloads!)

  • ONLY Crystal Healing Program in the WORLD to include counselling, transpersonal psychology, trauma & spiritual philosophy

  • INTERACTIVE state-of-the-art online lesson delivery

  • GUIDANCE on: operating a successful online healing business, spiritual entrepreneurism & health safety

  • DOWN-TO-EARTH, inclusive & accessible to all ages & abilities

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