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Evolve Healing Institute

Accredited Crystal Healing & Energy Healing Courses

Awaken your Higher Consciousness & powerfully Activate your healing abilities - from Crystal Healing Beginner to Master Energy Healing Practitioner.

Get Your FREE Beginner Crystal Healing Course!

Join our community & see for yourself why 20,000 soul-searchers around the world choose us...

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Our Couses

Choose Your Path of Life Changing Growth...

3 programs to choose from - Beginners start at AWAKEN. Want more? Jump straight to ACTIVATE or ASCEND!


Awaken your spiritual gifts, learn to work with crystals, chakras, rituals & feel soulfully aligned every single day!

Program includes 3 courses:

  • Beginner Chakra Healing Course

  • Beginner Crystal Body Layouts Course

  • Beginner Sacred Rituals Course


Activate your crystal healing abilities & become a highly skilled internationally accredited Crystal Healing Practitioner!

Program includes 4 courses:

  • Cert. Crystal Healer Course (accredited)

  • Advanced Crystal Elixirs Course

  • Advanced Crystal Grids Course

  • Grow an Online Crystal Healing Biz Course


Ascend your consciousness & raise your energetic frequency. Become a multi-qualified, word class Master Energy Healing Practitioner!

Program includes 5 courses:

  • Cert. Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course (accredited)

  • Cert. Crystal Bodyworker Course (accredited)

  • Advanced Crystal Elixirs Course

  • Advanced Crystal Grids Course

  • Grow an Online Crystal Healing Biz Course

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Evolve Healing Institute - Who we Are...

Over 20,000 students  |  Certified in 39 countries  |  3 Life-changing programs

Welcome, Beautiful Soul! Evolve Healing Institute is an elite online academy specialized in training world-class, professional Crystal Healers and Energy Healing Practitioners. Founded in 2016 by Bestselling Author, Transformation Coach and Energy Healing expert, Kate Mantello, we are a small-but-mighty community

made up of expert course coaches, conscious students and dedicated lightworkers.


Contribute to the elevation of consciousness one healing journey at a time.


At Evolve, we understand that the path of true healing is a JOURNEY and requires ethics, authenticity

accountability and personal growth. That's why our students do not 'buy' their healing qualifications.

They EARN them through demonstrated practice, energetic understanding and skill mastery.


Our online Crystal Healing CoursesSpiritual Activation Courses and Energy Healing Courses focus on a 5 dimensional healing model (energetic, spiritual, emotional, psychological & physical) and are considered among the best in the world when it comes to exceptional quality, support, depth and skill development. Our

Superstar graduates create thriving healing businesses and have massive positive impact in the world.


If you are ready to become an exceptional, internationally qualified healing professional who facilitates life-changing transformations for others AND you are excited to immerse in an empowering, 'all-in' soul

experience within the realm of crystals, energetic frequency, manifestation and spiritual philosophy... 

then you've come to the right place. We can't wait to share your journey!

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100% Authentic - Here's What Our Students Say...

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 Unlock your healing ability,
connect deeply with crystals & enjoy an energetically aligned, abundant & spiritually fulfilling career as a world-class
Crystal Healing Practitioner!


International Accreditation & Certification You Can Trust

Feel confident knowing your training is of the highest professional standard. Our Crystal Healing Practitioner Courses and Energy Healing Practitioner Courses are internationally accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA) and certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT) and are professionally recognized in 39 countries worldwide

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Our graduates are able to obtain practitioner insurance and professional recognition through the IICT in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Mann, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America. (This information is valid at time of writing but should not be relied on for future accuracy)


Unquestionable Experience. Unparalleled Quality.
Here's the Evolve


Developed by a global healing expert

With 15+ years professional healing experience working with thousands of real-life clients using revolutionary crystal & energy healing techniques. 


1:1 personalized student support

Practitioner students get personalized 1:1 coaching support from a qualified & experienced course coach for the duration of their studies.


5D Transpersonal healing model

Our Transpersonal Crystal Healing® practitioner course is built on a 5D healing model, incl training in Transpersonal psychology & holistic counselling.


Massive over-delivery of value

We make it a point to exceed your expectations & over-deliver on quality, resources, support, community connection & skill mastery.


Global Accreditation & Certification

Our Practitioner qualifications are professionally certified and recognized in 39 countries worldwide through the IICT & IEHA.


Hands-on learning & real-life application

All our courses focus on developing genuine hands-on healing skills through interactive activities, live demonstrations & practical, real-life practice.

Beautiful Soul, it's time to answer your CALLING...

Kate Mantello
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  • Feel head-over-heels in love with your work every day

  • Earn an incredible income helping people to heal

  • Work from home, online or in a beautiful healing space

  • Facilitate workshops, retreats, 1-1 clients or an online biz

  • Experience profound inner growth & trauma healing

  • Feel deeply seen & heard from a like-minded community

  • Experience rich fulfillment & purpose

Are you ready to Powerfully activate your energetic gifts, connect deeply with crystals & live a more spiritually aligned, meaningful & abundant life? 

It doesn't matter if you are a Beginner or a qualified Energy Healing Practitioner or Certified Crystal Healer- we have a world-class training course to facilitate the next level of your personal and professional growth journey! At Evolve Healing Institute, we welcome spiritually conscious souls from all levels and backgrounds who feel a connection to energy  and crystals and want to share their healing gifts with others in an ETHICAL, AUTHENTIC & MEANINGFUL way.


Over 20,000 students worldwide have taken one of our Beginner Crystal Healing Courses, Certified Crystal Healer Courses. or Master Energy Healing Practitioner Courses. to grow their energetic healing abilities, create an abundant healing career and fast-track their spiritual growth. You can, too!

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" The crystal surgery I did on my dad has been amazing! I'm doing another layout on his back tonight. He hasn't felt this good in years... He's been to every top specialist in Australia and no one can give him any relief.  Thanks to you I'm able to make my dad's life better and build an ABUNDANCE of CONFIDENCE in what I can do for people. Thank you!"

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True healing isn't sparkly or fluffy business. It requires us to dig deep, dive into our traumas, reprogram our beliefs and show up for ourselves in new and empowering ways. The best healers are those who have walked the healing path themselves. That's why our courses are designed to take you on your own transformational healing journey while you learn!

We'd LOVE to mentor your healing journey and help you ...

  • Feel confident, clear & sure in your abilities

  • Raise your energetic value & attract more success

  • Experience deep joy, fulfillment & purpose

  • Move forward proactively in your life

  • Feel more connected to your Higher Self

So, how does it work?

Enroll Anytime & Start Immediately

Don't wait to begin the first day of your new life! Enroll in any of our courses or programs at any time and get instant access to your dashboard and learning resources.

Unbelievable Quality & Learning Resources

You won't believe how much content and resources you'll unlock with your enrollment! Just to give you an idea, our ASCEND program includes over 800 pages of downloads, 100+ training videos and loads of bonuses!

Unconditional Support, Connection & Tribe

Feel fully supported & connected with a community of like-minded souls throughout your entire journey. Forget judgement, shame or hiding... this is a place for unconditional love, encouragement, support & celebration.

Live Monthly Workshop Trainings With Kate Mantello

Once you sign up to any of our programs and join our Evolve tribe, you'll receive exclusive access to monthly LIVE workshop trainings with Kate to ask questions and grow your skills and knowledge even further.

Full Sensory Activation, Embodiment & Learning

Experience multi-dimensional integrations as you absorb the teachings through interactive processes that engage the mind, heart, body and energetic systems. You'll love all the hands-on activities and workbooks!

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 Unlock your healing ability,
connect deeply with crystals & experience profound spiritual growth. Beginners welcome!


Our Mission: To contribute to the elevation of consciousness one transformational healing journey at a time.

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