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Are you dreaming of a more SPIRITUALLY and FINANCIALLY rewarding life?


  •   Working for yourself in a career you LOVE

  •   Living a life of purpose, passion & abundance

  •   Being supported by a healing industry expert

  •   Releasing blocks to unlock the BEST version of yourself 

  •   Being your own boss – inspired, happy & successful

  •   Living in spiritual alignment & resonance

Whether your goal is to start your own online or onsite Holistic Healing business, or to simply immerse in some spiritual goodness to feed your soul - we're here to help turn your dream into a reality!

Specialising in beginner to expert online Crystal Healing CoursesChakra Healing Courses and Energy Healing Courses, at Evolve Healing Institute, we promise you a life-changing learning experience like no other!

Hi Crystal Lover...

I'm Kate Mantello  the proud founder and Educational Director at Evolve Healing Institute.  I established Evolve, because it was my goal to raise the standards of professional Crystal Healing and Energy Healing Practitioners worldwide. 


In just 3 short years, we have had over 8000 students access our online courses, and have celebrated over 1000 graduate healing practitioners in 6 continents!

Evolve Institute is now regarded as the world leader in internationally accredited healing practitioner courses including:

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Choose Your Learning Experience


  • Crystal Healing Courses

  • Transpersonal Therapy Courses 

  • Energy Healing Courses


  • Chakra Healing Courses

  • Crystal Healing Courses

  • Spiritual Development Courses


  • Crystal Healing Workshops

  • Crystal Healing Courses

  • Presentations & Seminars

World-class education built on

Authenticity, INTEGRITY & Quality...

With an ethos built on authenticity, integrity and quality, Evolve Healing Institute a world-class training organisation.  We believe that each person is capable of contributing something

meaningful and AMAZING to the world...


So we've made it our mission to help YOU become the absolute best you can be!

We achieve this by guiding you through your own healing journey, while you learn. You'll experience profound personal transformation, while mastering the expert-level healing skills needed to help others transform their lives too!

Your life changing career awaits...

Graduates of our Online Crystal Healing Courses, Transpersonal Therapy Courses and Chakra Healing Courses have created life-changing careers and successful businesses all over the world.

With our support, you can too!


Adjusting to Covid-19 with Distance Healing

In addition to mastering the hands-on skills outlined above, we are very proactive in supporting our students through the Covid-19 crisis.  This year, we have hosted monthly live video support sessions which have focused around teaching our students how to deliver an exceptional crystal and energy healing service through online and distance practice

Our students have loved learning how to deliver virtual crystal healing sessions, conduct live video meditations and innovatively adapt their skills and knowledge to not only survive but THRIVE through the Covid crisis...

You can too!


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"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation"   ~ Nikola Tesla

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