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Beginner Healing Courses

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Intensive Healing Courses







Unsure which Crystal Healing Course is right for you? Download our course info booklet HERE

Accredited in 39 Countries


Ethical & Authentic Organisation

Unlimited 1-1 Coaching Support

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Master Hands-On Healing Skills

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Easy 'Lifestyle'


Your new career awaits!

Would you love to work from home as a professional Energy Healing Practitioner or Crystal Healer? 

Do you crave the flexibility to work online or in-person while earning a great income, feeling spiritually fulfilled and having a positive global impact? 


Whether your goal is to start your own home-based holistic healing business or to take a deep journey of spiritual growth  - we're here to support your life-changing learning experience! 

Graduates of our online Crystal Healing CoursesChakra Healing Courses and Energy Healing Courses have achieved life-changing transformations, and you can too. 


Ask yourself... Who do you want to be a year from now?

  • Author of a crystal healing book

  • Online crystal healing therapist

  • Crystal healing workshop facilitator

  • Home-based healing practitioner

  • Crystal-infused skincare developer

  • Crystal healing jewellery designer

  • Evolve Healing Institute course coach

Our Signature Course

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Program

Pioneered by Kate Mantello in 2017, our  Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Advanced Practitioner Course  the most advanced, multi-modality certified crystal healing course in the world! It is also the ONLY accredited crystal healing course to include training in holistic counselling, transpersonal psychology & energetic trauma release.

  • Most advanced crystal healing qualification in the world

  • Multi-dimensional healing approach: Emotional, Spiritual, Psychological, Energetic, Physical & Scientific

  • Covers Transpersonal Psychology, counselling & trauma

  • Trademark protected for authenticity


I almost didn't take the course that would change my life...

Hi, I'm Kate Mantello - the proud founder and CEO of Evolve Healing Institute.  That was the question a boss once asked me when I was procrastinating signing up for my first energy healing course. It cost more money than I'd ever invested in myself and I was filled with self-doubt.

I had a desk-job at the time and I hated it. I loathed the ruthlessness of sales and my back ached from sitting. My soul hungered for more meaning!

Truthfully, a year from that moment I wanted to be far away from that office and working for myself. I wanted to be free to move my body and grow as a person. I wanted my days to start with a stick of incense and a morning meditation - not a sales meeting.


I knew what I needed to do.  That day, I signed up to the first course that would be the start of my new life - and I've never looked back!

Take the first step, babe. The universe has your back.

A year from now you are going to be so glad you did xxx

On completion of any of our practitioner courses, you'll receive your:
Professionally recognised in 39 countries worldwide. 
Click HERE to find out more about our global Accreditation.

Global Accreditation you can Trust...

What our students say
Taryn Matulj

"Thank you for one of the most transformational experiences of my life.  Your teaching method is profound and unique – you convey knowledge with authenticity, clarity, patience, understanding, compassion and gratitude. 

You truly went above and beyond any expectations I may have had"

Taryn Matulj


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"Crystals are one of my passions & working with them every day is a dream come true for me!

I am doing what I love & I finally feel like I have found my path.


I loved every single second of this course & can't wait to do more.

This course was the best choice I ever made!"

Nita Human


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"This course was simply amazing!

I did a lot of research before deciding which crystal healing school would be best.

Kate has gone above & beyond with this course.


She has incredible ethics & really cares about the integrity of the work. I highly recommend Evolve Healing Institute!"

Meenakshi Gulati


Here's why

Our Crystal Healing Courses are the BEST

Many online Energy Healing and Crystal Healing Courses don't cover the essential hands-on skills needed to be a successful healing practitioner. At Evolve, our students EARN their qualifications through dedicated practice, skill mastery and coach-reviewed assessments. That's why over 20,000 students around the world have chosen Evolve. Feel confident knowing you are learning from the best, so YOU can be the best too!

  • Developed by a Master Energy Healer with 14+ years experience

  • Internationally Accredited & Certified

  • 1-1 Support from your personal Course Coach

  • State of the art online course delivery & resources

  • Training you to offer your healing services online

Lifestyle Learning

Anywhere, Any time, Any device

Study when it suits YOU with flexible, 'Lifestyle Learning'.  Watch a video tutorial in the bath, or listen to a meditation on the train to work.... 

Our on-demand online lessons means minimal interruption to your daily routine.  Plus, 'all-device' access means you study-on-the-go from your phone, PC, laptop or tablet!

If you are more of a 'pen and paper' learner, then we've got you covered! Every lesson comes as a downloadable PDF file, which you can print and happily scribble notes all over! 

YOUR learning. YOUR way.... EASY.

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Crystal Healing FAQ

What is Crystal Healing?

'Crystal Healing' is the practice of placing specially selected crystals on or around the body for therapeutic purposes. A Crystal Healer will take this further, by working dynamically with the crystals by also incorporating crystal wands or pendulums, to direct energy around the body. The end result is a feeling of deep relaxation, release, balance and healing on all levels. Crystal Healing can help to clear energetic blockage and trauma, and can be highly effective in returning the body to a more harmonious and balanced energetic state. Unlike many other healing modalities, Crystal Healing is virtually risk-free. It involves no body manipulation and no ingestion of herbs, oils or other potentially irritating substances. Crystal Healing can be very effective in treating animals too!

How do I become a Crystal Healer?

Crystal Healing is currently an unregulated healing modality in most countries. This means that technically, almost anyone who owns a couple of crystals can call themselves a 'Crystal Healer'. However, with Crystal Therapy becoming more popular, the demand for professionally qualified Crystal Healers is higher than ever. A qualified Crystal Healer is someone who has completed a professionally recognised course of training (that is Certified or Accredited) and who has obtained the appropriate practitioner insurance and registrations. We offer 3 Accredited, Certified and professionally recognised Crystal Healing Certification Courses, for students of all levels.

Which of your Crystal Healing Courses is the best choice for me?

We offer 3 different types of crystal healing, energy healing and spiritual development courses: BEGINNER - for those at the start of their journey who want to learn the basics in crystal healing and spiritual development. INTENSIVE - for personal or professional advancement in one key area of crystal healing, such as crystal grids or crystal elixirs. PRACTITIONER - for those who want a professional crystal or energy healing qualification. Beginners welcome! For more information about our different courses, please download our course information booklet using the download link on any course page on our site.

How are your Crystal Healing Courses delivered?

We use a state-of-the-art online delivery system to give our students the absolute best Crystal Healing Course experience! Once you enroll in a course, you will gain instant access to the lessons through your own personal online learning dashboard. From here, you can navigate through the course lessons whenever and wherever it suits you. All the lessons for the 'beginner' and 'intensive' courses are delivered upfront. Practitioner course lessons are divided into 2 or 3 monthly lesson drops (depending on the course). Lessons are made up of PDF text books, video and audio downloads. Each course also includes an activity workbook which is full of hands-on activities for you to try at home. Practitioner students also receive unlimited personal mentoring and support from one of our awesome Evolve Healing Coaches. Please try our FREE CRYSTAL MINI-COURSE to sample our online delivery format!

I live overseas. Can I still take your online Crystal Healing Courses?

Yes! Because our Crystal Healing Courses are Internationally Accredited in 39 countries, we welcome students from all around the world. Over 20,000 students from 6 continents have taken our Crystal Healing Courses and we are always excited to welcome students from far away lands! Find out more about which countries are included in our Accreditation HERE.

Do your courses cover distance crystal healing and online practice in light of the Covid-19 crisis?

Yes! Our full length practitioner courses (Certified Crystal Healer Course and Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course) include comprehensive training in offering online and distance crystal healing services. In addition, we even offer a dedicated ' Crystal Healing Online Business Course' which is entirely dedicated to helping crystal healing practitioners to grow their business online!