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Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course

Become a world-class Master Energy Healing Practitioner with our Holistic Healing Practitioner Course

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Learn to facilitate transformational healing experiences while decoding the secrets of your subconscious mind & experiencing the soul-awakening journey of a  Lifetime!

Here's just some of what you'll learn in our Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Program...

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"I feel this experience has DEEPLY HEALED me. When I enrolled in the Transpersonal Crystal Healing® course, I didn't realize the deep healing and transformational journey I was undertaking on a personal level. I had always somewhat doubted my abilities, but now I feel deeply CONNECTED with the truth within myself with a CONFIDENCE that wasn't there before. I am deeply thankful for your guidance through this course. It is an amazing journey.  Thank you!"

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Imagine feeling deeply fulfilled, connected & on-path every day...

Kate Mantello

Imagine taking a course that has it ALL... global recognition, the tools & support to help you heal yourself, the skills to help you heal others, soulful business mentorship & mind-blowing Spiritual growth.

Beautiful Soul, there is a reason why our students say our Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course is 'unbelievable'. 'incredible', 'transformational' and 'the BEST thing they've ever done'.  If you are looking for a totally mind-blowing healing experience that will excite, challenge, inspire and initiate you into the field of quantum consciousness, crystals and energetic mastery, then you've found it!


Our Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course is the only course of its kind in the world and is quite literally LIFE CHANGING. Not only will you experience a deep and transformational healing journey into the core of your being, but you will also master the ability to guide others on their healing journeys using a powerful combination of crystal & energy healing, transpersonal counselling, spiritual philosophy, mandala therapy and guided visualization. If you are ready to peel back the layers of your programming, discover your energetic alchemy and ignite your inner healing power, then scroll down to find out more!

Our Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course can be taken on its own or
in our incredible 'ASCEND' Master Energy Healer Program (which includes 5 of our signature energy healing courses!).  Click the button to learn more...

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The Transpersonal Crystal Healer Program is Perfect for YOU...

  • You have a deep calling to share your healing gifts in the most powerful way

  • You want to become an advanced, multi-modality energy healer with a skillset including: crystal healing, energy healing, holistic counselling, guided meditation, mandala therapy & trauma release

  • You want a fulfilling career that is flexible, pays highly & has a massively positive impact

  • You are already a qualified energy healer or crystal healer and want to grow or advance your skills

  • You do not want to be 'average'. You want to be a highly skilled healer who confidently works with a wide range of clients (including children, pregnant and high-risk clients) and earns $100+ per hour

  • You want the BEST energy healer training because you value the quality of your education, confidence, skillset and professionalism

  • You are a beginner but you want to become an expert lightworker, crystal healer, holistic therapist or spiritual entrepreneur and you want to fast-track that reality by getting it all in one course!

  • You want to be skilled and confident enough to facilitate groups, retreats or workshops



CCH Course

Here's what you'll learn...

Learn more about the skills & lessons you'll master in the Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course


Introduction to Crystal Healing

  • The history & evolutionary timeline of crystal healing

  • How & why crystal healing works - plus fascinating crystal facts

  • Different ways we can work with crystals for therapeutic purposes

  • The healing properties of 100 different crystal types & shapes

  • Modern day crystal healing practice

  • Framework for a 60 minute crystal healing session

  • How to select & attune to crystals

  • Natural crystals vs lab-grown crystals & crystal fakes


Introduction to Transpersonal Crystal Healing®

  • What Transpersonal Crystal Healing® is & how it works

  • Introduction to transpersonal psychology

  • What happens when 'transpersonal' meets crystal

  • Framework for a 90 minute Transpersonal Crystal Healing® session

  • Strategies for successful intention & goal-settingSuccess strategy planning

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healing crystals


The Physics & Metaphysics of Crystal Healing

  • The law of vibration & the energetic nature of 'ether'

  • Crystals & the digital revolution

  • Piezoelectricity & crystals in modern technology

  • Crystals in modern science & the scientists who love them

  • 'Superman' crystals - the future of data storage

  • Crystals, color therapy, Qi & chakras

  • Crystals in the ancient civilizations of Atlantis & Lemuria


Let's Get Spiritual

  • Authenticity & the modern spiritual path

  • How to know & understand your soul's true nature

  • Spiritual living in the modern & Western worlds

  • How to connect & communicate with your spirit guides

  • 'Meet Your Spirit Guide' guided meditation

Crystal Care


  • Using crystals in & around the home (for protection, communication, abundance, creativity, peaceful sleep, absorbing electromagnetic pollution, filtering water and more...)

  • Different methods for cleansing crystals

  • Respecting sacred practice & cultural appropriation awareness

  • How to program quartz crystals

  • How to safely store & transport crystals

  • What to do with broken crystals

crystals in a box
grounding crystals

Master Crystals & Grounding


  • What are master crystals & how to work with them on yourself & others

  • How to identify & work effectively with 18 different master crystals

  • Why grounding is so important in energy healing

  • Different grounding techniques used in a crystal healing session

  • Top 5 grounding crystals & their unique applications

The Human Healing Journey


  • The practitioner's role in the client's healing journey

  • Navigating the 4 stages of the healing journey - from Realization, Processing and Integration to final Transformation

  • Facilitating the Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Journey


The Human Chakra System

  • Introduction to the nine-chakra system (including chakra name, color vibration & location in the body) 

  • How to work with energy flow in the body during a healing session

  • How energy communicates with you through the different senses

  • The metaphysical & bodily associations of each chakra

  • How to diagnose symptoms of energy blockage at individual chakras

  • How to correctly place specific crystals on the chakra centers

  • 'Lotus' full-body guided chakra healing meditation


Trauma & the 5 Energetic Bodies

  • Understanding the nature of energetic trauma & how it impacts the body

  • Releasing energetic trauma

  • The 5 Energetic Bodies & their relationship to one another

  • How energetic trauma manifests in the 5 Energetic Bodies

  • Energetic trauma case-study

crystal and chakras
crystal grid and pendulum

Crystal Grids


  • Different types of crystal grids & their uses

  • Different sacred geometric shapes used in crystal gridding

  • How to incorporate meaningful objects into your grids

  • A crystal grid for energetic cleansing 

  • A crystal grid for manifesting a specific intention or outcome

  • How to incorporate crystal gridding into a professional practice


Transpersonal Healing Mandalas & Law of Attraction

  • What a mandala is & how it is used in spiritual practice, therapy & healing

  • Mandalas in analytical psychology as used by Carl Jung

  • Using mandalas as a healing tool in professional practice

  • How to create & interpret a Transpersonal Crystal Healing® mandala

  • Law of attraction & the 7 Hermetic principles

  • How to work with the Law of Attraction to successfully manifest

  • 5 key steps used in successful manifestation practice


Crystal Wands, Pendulums & Points

  • Pendulums in science & history

  • How to work with crystal pendulums (including calibration, aura reading & chakra cleansing)

  • Different types of crystal wands & their uses

  • How to use crystal wands to cleanse, charge & align the chakras, draw energy out of the body & channel energy into the body 

  • How to work with amethyst, quartz & citrine points to direct energy


Guided Meditation & States of Consciousness

  • The 3 Freudian states of consciousness & the 2 transpersonal states of consciousness

  • How to work with the conscious & subconscious minds in the healing room

  • Decoding archetypes & understanding your dreams

  • How to write & facilitate guided meditations

  • 'Wall in the Forest' & 'The Boat' guided meditations  

crystal pendulums
crystal healing


Crystal Healing Techniques

  • How to perform an aura reading with a wand or pendulum 

  • How to perform a full-body chakra healing with a wand or pendulum (including cleansing, charging and aligning the chakras)

  • How to work with 2 crystal wands simultaneously

  • Self-healing techniques using crystals (including crystal healing for headache, menstrual pain, stress, chakra balancing and sexual health)


Transpersonal Psychology & Counselling

  • Foundations in transpersonal psychology & different therapy types

  • Key figures in transpersonal psychology & their contributions

  • Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  • 5 pillars of holistic counselling & 5 response types used

  • How to integrate holistic counselling with energy healing

  • Building a healthy & productive client-practitioner relationship

  • Sacred practitioner rituals


Crystal Elixirs & Protection Shields

  • Different types of crystal elixirs & their uses (internal and topical)

  • Crystal elixir equipment, safety & preparations

  • Safe and unsafe methods for making crystal elixirs (including a comprehensive crystal safety chart with over 300 stones)

  • Incorporating sun & moon energies into crystal elixirs

  • Top 3 protection stones & their individual uses

  • How to create a full-body protection shield with a selenite wand


The 'Torus' Protection Shield

  • The Torus in sacred geometry - meaning, pattern & psychedelic art

  • How to create a 'Torus' energy shield around a client with 2 wands

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crystal therapy course


Professional Practice & Business Development

  • How to create a sacred healing space (color, textures, lighting, etc)

  • Client health & safety protocols (sanitization, support resources, etc)

  • Practitioner protection rituals & code of ethics

  • Record-keeping, documentation & liability waiver forms

  • Business basics (business name, branding, insurance, etc)

  • Soul-centered marketing, promotion & building a client list

  • Financial planning for your start-up healing business


60 Minute Crystal Healing Sessions

  • Common client responses to a crystal healing & how to offer support

  • How to structure the initial client consultation

  • Your session 'success' checklist

  • How to plan, schedule and implement a full 60 minute crystal healing

  • How to perform custom crystal healing body grids for Anxiety, Cleansing, Self-Acceptance & Spiritual Awakening


90 Minute Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Sessions

  • All of the above checklists, structure & consult guidance plus... 

  • How to plan, schedule and implement a full 90 minute TCH session

  • Advanced crystal body grids & support for high-risk clients including how to facilitate healing for: Depression, Cancer, Pregnancy, Fertility & Pregnancy Loss & Healing the Past

  • How to protect your own energy

crystal healing

Spiritual Entrepreneurism & Online Crystal Healing Sessions


  • How to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur

  • How to innovate & adapt your skills to create new offerings

  • The benefits of taking your crystal healing business online

  • How to offer online 'healing by proxy' crystal sessions 

  • How to offer distance healing sessions using crystal grids

Multi-Modality & Online Group Healing Sessions


  • The benefits of a multi-modality healing model

  • The art of alchemy in healing & nature

  • Identifying & optimizing your unique skillset & healing style

  • Facilitating online group healing sessions including: guided meditations & group workshops

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Take the first step towards your meaningful & abundant career as a world-class Energy Healer!

You won't believe all the learning resources...

Check out all the amazing support & resources you'll get in our 24 month accredited Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Practitioner Training Program...

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1-1 Personal Coach Support for up to 2 Years


Feel fully supported & get human help whenever you need it from your own dedicated course coach!

$4497 VALUE

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Access to a Global Lightworker Community


Stay supported & connected with our private Facebook community & exclusive Evolve community app

$520 VALUE

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500+ Pages of Quality Content (downloadable)


Including a course textbook & integration workbook full of incredible content, hands-on activities & journal prompts


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Lifestyle Learning & Lifetime Access

lifestyle learning

Enjoy flexible 'lifestyle' study anywhere, any time on any device. Get lifetime access to all text content (downloads)!


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Over 70 Instructional
Training Videos

Course video icon

Get 70+ professional training videos PLUS 3 guided meditations to complement your learning journey

$397 VALUE

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'Essential Guide to 80 Healing Crystals' E-Book

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Take the guesswork out of learning crystal properties with the 'Essential Guide to 80 Healing Crystals' E-Book


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Lifetime LIVE Workshops with Kate Mantello

course live webinar icon

Including; Lifetime access to monthly LIVE training workshops with Evolve's founder & healing expert, Kate Mantello 


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Unlimited Online Access to Videos & Meditations

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12 Months unlimited access to all of the digital content including videos, fun quizzes, meditations & more!


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That's over $6,500 value...
And we would love to share it all with you for just $1997

Upgrade to the full 'ASCEND' Master Energy Healer Program & get over $1,500 extra value for just $500!

Our Certified Crystal Healer Course is part of our ASCEND Master Healer Training Program. Although the TCH course can be purchased on its own, for only $500 more, you can get the entire ASCEND program which includes 4 additional crystal courses, access to 50 more training videos, plus lots of amazing BONUSES to vibe up your life!

Here's what you'll get for an extra $500 in our ASCEND program...

  • COURSE #1: Certified Crystal Bodyworker ($997 value)

  • COURSE #2: Advanced Crystal Elixirs Course ($97 value)

  • COURSE #3: Advanced Crystal Grids Course ($97 value)

  • COURSE #4: Grow a Successful Online Crystal Business Course ($97 value)

  • BONUS #1 - 'Ultimate Abundance Crystals' E-Guide ($17 value)

  • BONUS #2 - 'Kate's Top 10 Healing Biz Success Secrets' E-Guide ($17 value)

  • BONUS #3 - 'Moon Cycle Elixir Planner' E-Guide ($17 value)

  • BONUS #4 - 'Trauma Release' Guided Meditation ($17 value)

  • BONUS #5 - 'Plan Your First Crystal Healing Workshop' E-Guide ($27 value)

  • BONUS #6 - 'Crystal Alchemy' Masterclass Video ($27 value)

  • BONUS #7 - Access to over 50 more training videos in our library vault ($197 value)

Real & Heartfelt Testimonials from our TCH Community...

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Paula DR - TCH.jpg
Jess Blaess.jpg

Take a Free Sneak Peek at some of the Content...

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International Accreditation & Certification You Can Trust

Feel confident knowing your training is of the highest professional standard. Our Crystal Healing Practitioner Courses and Energy Healing Practitioner Courses are internationally accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA) and certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT) and are professionally recognized in 39 countries worldwide

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Our graduates are able to obtain practitioner insurance and professional recognition through the IICT in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Mann, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America. (This information is valid at time of writing but should not be relied on for future accuracy)

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Are you reaching for Mediocrity or Mastery?

So, what is 'Transpersonal Crystal Healing®'?

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® is a powerful healing modality developed by our founder, Kate Mantello. Kate developed Transpersonal Crystal Healing® because as a Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer she didn't feel she had the expertise or training to be able to help her clients process deep trauma on a psychological and emotional level. 


​'Transpersonal' means 'beyond the personality'. It refers to a form of spiritual psychology that delves deep beyond our identity layers to reveal our most authentic, spiritual nature. 

All transpersonal therapies contain elements of spiritual philosophy, Jungian psychotherapy and shamanism. Transpersonal Crystal Healing® uses energy, crystals, holistic psychology and creative expressive therapies to support the client on 5 Dimensions of being - physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological and energetic.

If this course calls to you, it is because, like Kate, you are not satisfied with being 'mediocre'. You want to be the absolute BEST healing facilitator you can be, and you want much more than just a superficial understanding of energy, crystals and healing. You know you are capable of much more and you are ready to step-up on the path to energetic MASTERY!


Unquestionable Experience. Unparallelled Quality.
Your Life-Changing

Enroll Anytime. Start Immediately. Flexible Learning Schedule.

Don't wait to begin the first day of your new life! Enroll in the Transpersonal Crystal Healing® course at any time and get instant access to your dashboard and learning resources. Busy? Take up to 24 months to complete the training. Fast learner? Complete the whole program in just 6 months! No previous experience or training required.

World-Class Training From a Crystal Healing Expert

None of our content is generic or AI generated. It is all written, developed and taught by world expert and author, Kate Mantello. So you can feel 100% confident you are receiving the BEST training possible! 

Unlimited 1:1 Coach Support, Connection & Tribe

Feel fully supported and connected with your own personal course coach-on-call and a community of like-minded souls throughout your entire learning journey. 

Unlimited Monthly Workshop Trainings With Kate Mantello

As part of your enrollment, you'll receive you'll receive lifetime exclusive access to monthly LIVE workshop trainings with Kate!  Ask questions, learn new skills and grow your knowledge even further.

Full Sensory Activation, Embodiment & Learning

Experience multi-dimensional integrations as you absorb the teachings through interactive processes that engage the mind, heart, body and energetic systems. You'll love all the hands-on activities and hands-on assessment tasks!

Want to Learn More? Book a Call with Kate!

We know that choosing the right expert to mentor your journey can be daunting. That's why we invite you to book a

1-1 call with our founder and CEO - Kate Mantello. She will listen to your needs and goals and give you fair and honest advice about which program will be the best and most supportive for your unique situation.

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FAQ: What You Need To Know


When you sign up for the Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healing® (TCH) course you will be prompted to create a student account with our online academy by providing your name, email and your chosen password (if you have not previously signed up to any of our courses). These will be the details you will use to login to your account in the future, so please save them somewhere. Once you complete checkout, you'll get immediate access to the course content and can access it whenever you like, from any device!

You can access the student portal at any time by clicking the 'LOGIN' button at the bottom of this website, or by saving the login page to your 'favorites' menu.


NOTE: You get 24 months access to all online TCH course content such as videos and audios. You get lifetime access to all the text/PDF/coursebook/workbook lessons and content as long as you download them! If you have not completed the coursework and assessments necessary to graduate and earn your TCH practitioner qualification within 24 months, then you may purchase a month-by-month extension plan until you are finished. Extension fees apply. Please refer to the Enrollment Terms page for more information.

Click HERE for enrollment Ts & Cs


Our Mission: To contribute to the elevation of consciousness one transformational healing journey at a time.

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