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Advanced Practitioner's Certificate

The ultimate multi-dimensional crystal healing course for ALL levels of being - physical, spiritual, psychological, energetic & emotional.

Unlock Your Highest Potential with our Signature Program!


Our ground-breaking Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course is a pathway of  life-changing personal growth and healing. It will take you deep into the spiritual, psychological and energetic principles that govern your existence. Who are 'YOU' beneath your external personality layers? What is your unique alchemy to share with the world?

In this course, you'll find out! 

PLUS, You'll learn the most advanced energy healing and crystal healing techniques for guiding others on this sacred and empowering journey as an internationally qualified, advanced healing practitioner.

  • Our most advanced Energy Healing Course

  • Expert-level crystal healing techniques

  • Only Accredited Crystal Healing Course in the WORLD to include training in transpersonal psychology, holistic counselling, spiritual philosophy & trauma release

What is Transpersonal Crystal Healing®?

Transpersonal Crystal Healing®  is a holistic healing modality which was developed and trademarked by our founder, Kate Mantello. This means we are the ONLY organization in the world to offer an accredited Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course.

'Transpersonal' means 'beyond the personality'. It refers to a form of spiritual psychology that delves beyond our identity layers, to uncover our most authentic, spiritual nature.  All transpersonal therapies have elements of spiritual philosophy, Jungian psychotherapy and shamanism at their core.


As a professional transpersonal counsellor & energy healer, Kate learned that by combining transpersonal psychology with crystal healing, she was able to help her clients overwrite old programming, release trauma and achieve much more powerful healing results, than by only using counselling or crystal healing. 

In this course, you will learn how!

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On completion of any of our practitioner courses, you'll receive your:
Professionally recognised in 39 countries worldwide. 
Click HERE to find out more about our global Accreditation.

Global Accreditation you can Trust

Your incredible learning journey begins as soon as you complete your enrollment!  First, you get INSTANT access to your course dashboard and a welcome email from your personal course coach


Then, your lessons are released in 3 monthly bulk 'drops'. Once you have your lessons, you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you like (up to a maximum of 24 months), to suit your lifestyle!


The Transpersonal Crystal Healing® course lessons are designed to take you on an immersive and experiential journey. You will experience deep healing and spiritual growth while you develop expert crystal and energy healing skills to become a world-class, advanced healing practitioner.


Got questions? No problem! With the support of your course coach and a global community of Evolve students ready to help, you'll always have assistance and support when you need it!

Your Learning Journey...

Here's what you'll learn...

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Advanced Certification Course


Introduction to Crystal Healing

  • History & modern day crystal healing

  • Different types of crystals

  • Selecting & attuning to crystals

  • Lab-grown crystals & crystal fakes

Introduction to TCH | Intentions & Goal-Setting

  • What is Transpersonal Crystal Healing®?

  • How does Transpersonal Crystal Healing® work?

  • Setting your goals  & intentions

  • Planning your personal success strategy


The Physics & Metaphysics of Crystal Healing

  • The science of crystal healing & law of vibration

  • Piezoelectricity & crystals in the digital revolution

  • Color therapy, chakras & Qi

  • Crystals & the Atlantean & Lemurian stories

Let's Get Spiritual

  • Authenticity & the modern spiritual path

  • Spiritual living in the modern world

  • Connecting with your spirit guides


Crystal Care

  • Crystals in the home

  • Cleansing crystals

  • Programming quartz crystal

  • Storing & transporting crystals


  • .​


Master Crystals & Grounding

  • Different types of master crystals and their properties

  • Working with master crystals

  • Different grounding crystals

  • Grounding techniques used in crystal healing

The Human Healing Journey

  • The practitioner's role in the healing journey

  • 4 Stages of the healing journey

  • Facilitating the healing journey from first realization to final transformation


The Human Chakra System

  • The 9 chakras used in crystal healing

  • Sensing & understanding the chakras

  • Crystals, chakras & correct crystal body placement

  • Full-body chakra healing meditation

The 5 Energetic Bodies

  • The nature of trauma

  • The 5 energetic bodies

  • How trauma manifests in the energetic bodies

  • Processing & releasing energetic trauma


Crystal Grids

  • Different types of crystal grids

  • Intention Grids & Cleansing Grids

  • Crystal Grids in professional practice

Transpersonal Mandalas & Law of Attraction

  • Jungian Mandalas & TCH Mandalas

  • Law of attraction & Hermetic philosophy

  • Law of attraction in life practice

  • 5 Steps for successful manifestation work


Crystal Wands, Pendulums & Points

  • History & use of pendulums & wands

  • Crystal pendulum & wand healing techniques

  • Crystal wand & pendulum care

  • Using crystal points to direct energy

States of Consciousness & Guided Meditations

  • The different states of consciousness

  • Archetypes & dream interpretation

  • Facilitating guided meditations & visualizations

  • 'The Forest' and 'The Boat' guided meditations


Crystal Healing Techniques

  • Aura reading with wands & pendulums

  • Full-body chakra healing, cleansing & charging

  • Self healing with crystals for chakra imbalance, headache, period pain, stress, sexual blocks

Transpersonal Psychology & Counselling

  • Different types of transpersonal therapies

  • Foundations in transpersonal psychology

  • Key figures in transpersonal psychology

  • Holistic counselling theory & practice


Crystal Elixirs & Crystal Protection Shields

  • Elixir making equipment & immersion methods

  • Crystal elixir safety identification charts

  • Crystals for protection

  • Creating crystal protection shields for home & clients

Sacred Geometry & 'Torus' Protection Shield

The 'Torus' in sacred geometry

Working with the Torus energy & protection shield


Professional Practice & Business Development

  • Creating a sacred healing space

  • Preparation, sanitization & personal safety

  • Ethics, protection rituals & client documents

  • Marketing, budgeting & business basics


  • .​


60 Minute Crystal Healing Sessions

  • Plan & perform 60 minute chakra healing sessions

  • Plan & perform professional 60 minute custom sessions for anxiety, cleansing, spiritual awakening & self-love

90 Minute TCH Sessions 

  • Plan & perform 90 minute TCH sessions

  • Advanced crystal body layouts for healing the past, cancer, fertility & depression

  • Working with high risk clients


Spiritual Entrepreneurism & Online Healing

  • How to become a spiritual entrepreneur

  • Defining & optimizing your skillset

  • Deliver online crystal healing sessions by proxy

  • Deliver distance crystal healing sessions

Multi Modality Healing & Online Group Healing

  • The multi-modality healing model

  • Discovering your unique alchemy

  • Developing your personal healing style

  • Guided group meditations & workshops

Need more information about our courses? Contact us or download our course info booklet!

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Monthly live workshops with Kate Mantello


24 months unlimited online access

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Certificate accredited in 39 countries

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Lifetime m'ship to our online support group

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On demand 24/7 lessons to suit your lifestyle


Bonus E-Book 'Guide to 80 Healing Crystals'

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12 interactive lessons (approx 130 study hrs)

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1-1 support from your personal course coach


Immediate course access- no wait time!


52 quality videos,

 500+ page textbook & workbook (PDF)

Here's what's included...

Taking this course was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. It transformed me on so many levels and has given me a way to help others on their healing journeys. I found I did a lot of healing in myself through the self reflection in this class and it got me just far enough out of my comfort zone that I grew a lot as a individual and in doing so became a confident and knowledgeable practitioner

-Jeanette Jackson -

Is the Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course right for YOU?

Energetic resonance is really important to us. We want you to feel as excited to learn with us as we feel about sharing this journey with you! Our Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course is right for you if...

  • You feel a connection to crystals, spiritual growth & helping people

  • Your goal is to become an ADVANCED Crystal Healer

  • You are willing to do the hands-on work & immerse in the experience - this is not a superficial journey!

  • You value the high quality of your education 

  • You want to learn about spiritual philosophy, transpersonal psychology, counselling & energy healing

  • You are ready to explore your soul & experience a profound awakening

  • You are a spiritual 'deep diver' (this course has a LOT of content and is not for the half-hearted!)

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