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The Healing Journey- Supporting your Client from Realisation to Transformation with Crystals

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Healing crystal in hand

As Therapists, the work we do in the Healing room is profound. We join our clients on intensely emotional, revealing and healing journeys with life changing results. But no matter how skilled or experienced the Therapist, our presence and involvement in the Client’s healing experience is always secondary to the Client’s active involvement in their own healing story.

I do not believe in calling myself (or any person in this field) a Healer. If a title must be used, then it is more accurate and honourable to call ourselves Healing Facilitators. A Holistic Therapist does not ‘heal’ a Client. A Therapist may direct the Client towards realisations, or provide support, or bring buried trauma to Client’s awareness, or share an emotional breakthrough with a Client. But despite the large role a Therapist might play in their Client’s path towards healing, it is only ever THE CLIENT who is the true Healer. The Therapist provides the tools and direction, but it is the Client who ultimately decides how to use these offerings. Every person holds within themselves the key to their own healing. The job of a good Therapist is to lead their Clients to the door with the keyhole.

The Healing Journey can be simplified into four main experiences:





First, a Realisation must occur. This could be a simple truth about a past event or might even be an epic breakthrough. A realisation simply means that something very meaningful that has been buried in our psyche or energetic body is suddenly illuminated and cast into our awareness in a new light.

Once the Realisation has presented itself, it requires Processing. Simply put, it needs to be explored from various angles, considered, pulled apart and delved into emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Processing can be painful, difficult and emotional, but it usually results in feelings of relief and acceptance, and eventually wisdom is derived.

Once the processing is complete, Integration can occur. This is when we take the wisdom derived from the ‘Processing Stage’ and draw it deep within ourselves, allowing it to permeate our layers and change us on a cellular level, rebuilding us from within. The integration stage helps us to create separation and release from the experience itself, but unification with the understanding and wisdom gained from the experience. It is not dissimilar to creating a flower essence. The physical bulk of the dead flower is discarded, but the pure, refined, high-vibrational essence remains. Even the most ugly and unpleasant flower can make a potent essence, just as healing light can be derived from the darkest of experiences or traumas.

Finally, once we have fully integrated the wisdom, true Transformation can occur. New belief systems are formed, old patterns are re-written, addictions are conquered, traumas are released and a new world of possibility that was once closed, becomes open. Essentially, a new you is birthed.

So where does Crystal Therapy and the Therapist’s role sit within this journey?

Crystal Therapy is a very powerful Realisation Tool. I believe of all the energetic healing arts, Crystal Therapy is one of the most (if not the most) effective at penetrating the body’s physical layers to illuminate the true nature of the energetic being within. A skilled Crystal Therapist can work with the crystals in a single session to help bring trauma, old patterns, blockages and more into the Client’s awareness. This can be a powerful experience of intense shock or emotional release- which triggers the initial ‘Realisation Stage’ that will start the Client on their healing journey.

From here, the Client becomes a more active participant in their own healing story. The depth and intensity with which they apply themselves to the Processing Stage is entirely up to them, however you can assist in facilitating and maximising this experience by offering your continued support and tools such as counselling, guided visualization and further Crystal Therapy and energy work. The crystals make wonderful companions through the entire healing journey and can be used to support the client through every stage, by adjusting them accordingly.

For example, you may choose to work with Rose Quartz through a painful, emotional processing, or Citrine if your client is finding this stage dark and upsetting. Grounding stones such as Smoky Quartz or Obsidian will help a Client who is processing a large spiritual revelation remain anchored, as well as speeding up the integration process of the high-vibrational spiritual growth into the physical body.

You may also suggest your Client work with specific crystals at home through meditation or attunement. Other complementary tools that can help with the Processing and Integration Stages include: Journal writing, drawing, meditation, crying, talking, soul-nourishing activities, sculpting, connecting with nature and creating. I like to keep a drawing pad and pencils in my healing room for clients who wish to write or draw anything down after a healing session.

Remember, always respect and appreciate the stages of your client's Healing Journey, being mindful of what your role of 'Therapist' is. Never assume you can ‘heal’ somebody- that is not your role to own. Remember, we are Healing Facilitators- here to hold our client’s hands gently, walking side-by-side as a companion, rather than dragging them towards doorways they may not be ready to open.

Journey well,



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