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5 Things You Should Know About Certified Crystal Healer Courses

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

There seems to be a lot of hype and buzz around the term ‘Certified Crystal Healer’ (or CCH) nowadays. ‘Certified Crystal Healer’ courses are popping up everywhere, as the demand for professional Crystal Healing Practitioners grows globally.


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So, what is a Certified Crystal Healer?

By definition, A 'Certified Crystal Healer' is someone who has received an official Certificate of recognition for having completed a 'Certified' course of study in Crystal Healing. Any person or organisation who is offering ‘Certified’ courses should have received independent recognition and endorsement from a professional body (such as an industry organisation), who has assessed the quality of the course and has verified that it meets specific professional/industry standards.

This sounds impressive, however in the age of the internet, registering a ‘Certified’ course has never been easier, especially for an unregulated modality such as Crystal Healing. For a brief application form and a minimal fee, there are dozens of non-reputable ‘organisations’ out in cyberspace, who are willing to sign off on your course as officially ‘Certified’. This level of ethical standard flows down to the course providers, some of whom even issue their students with a ‘Certificate’ at the time of course purchase. Ummmm… Not the best start to a professional healing career!

I am proud of the quality of my courses, but I don’t think that they are so unbelievably amazing that I don’t even have to assess or communicate with my students to know that learning points have been understood. I don’t know of any reputable school or institute that gives you your graduation certificate before you’ve attended your first class. High school would have been so much less of a drag if I could have walked away with my Certificate, without having to do any of the work! Fortunately, I DID have to do the work, becauseI learned to become a functioning, capable and well-educated young woman. Phew!

Here are 5 things you should know about Certified Crystal Healing Courses before you sign up:


Certified Crystal Healing courses can range in duration from a couple of hours to a couple of years. There are no professional or legislative guidelines regulating the mandatory study hours required to become a Crystal Therapist. However, all reputable accrediting bodies will require course providers to meet minimum course contact/study hour requirements to become Certified. (This is usually a lot more than a couple of days!)


I have trawled the internet extensively for Crystal Healing courses that are written and taught by actual Crystal Therapists. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable expectation for a teacher to have, oh, at least some personal experience in what they are teaching (especially when what they are teaching, involves digging around in other people’s energy fields and emotional trauma). To my amazement, some of the most popular and reputable Crystal Healing Courses are taught by people who have never even practiced professional Crystal Healing!


The last thing you might be thinking about when you embark on this wonderful new career path is boring stuff like practitioner insurance. But unfortunately, this is something you should definitely be thinking about when choosing which CCH course is right for you. The last thing you want, is to spend lots of money and time on earning your qualification, only to realise that no insurance company recognises it and you can’t get practitioner insurance once qualified. All it takes is for a client to slip and fall while walking up the steps to your house, and you could be in serious trouble. Not only does practitioner insurance protect you against unforeseen injury to your clients while in your care, but it will also cover you for theft (crystals are expensive!), and at markets and expos where you might like to promote your business.


Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they do not mean exactly the same thing. Certification usually refers to the level of expertise an individual has. It implies that the individual has met specific professional industry standards, which is recognised professionally. Accreditation usually refers to the institute, and the criteria and evidence an institute must provide in order to prove their course of study meets specific educational standards. In my experience, Accreditation is lot more difficult to obtain as there are fewer accrediting bodies than Certifying bodies. Also, the standards (and costs) required to obtain accreditation tend to be higher. 95% of professional Crystal Healing courses are Certified, but not Accredited.


To be a Naturopath, you need a degree in Naturopathy. Massage Therapists need to have studied massage therapy. Counsellors need a minimum Diploma to practice in Australia. To my knowledge, there are no laws or minimum requirements for a person to practice Crystal Healing professionally in Australia or elsewhere in the world. Anyone who has read a book about crystals can open their door for business. I am not strictly against this from a personal perspective (because in the energy world, much of the Therapist’s skill is intuitive and cannot necessarily be taught), however, I do believe in good ethics and professional standards. So in a professional setting, I fully support adequate and reputable training, especially since I’ve seen how powerful crystals can be!

So, if you are thinking about moving into the Crystal Healing profession, I encourage you to consider what type of Therapist/Healer/Practitioner you want to be. Some questions to consider include:

- Is professionalism important to you?

- Will you be performing Crystal Healing on a large number of clients?

- Do you want/need practitioner insurance?

- Will you be practicing stand-alone Crystal Healing, or complementary Crystal Healing (such as with other healing modalities, like Reiki)?

- Is quality training important to you?

- Does the trainer/institute offer a money back guarantee/code of ethics/student grievance policy/professional assessment procedure?

- How many direct years of experience has your trainer had in professional Crystal Healing?


I hope this article has provided you with some helpful information about CCH courses. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and find out more before committing your valuable time and money to a Certified Crystal Healing Course you are not 100% sure about!

Master Transpersonal Crystal Therapist


All of our CCH courses are Certified and Internationally Recognised in 26 countries by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT). They are also Accredited through the International Energetic Healing Association (a process which involved submitting hundreds of pages of course material amassed over weeks of late nights and numerous glasses of wine). The courses were written and are facilitated by an actual Crystal Therapist with over 10 years’ experience and students must successfully complete a wide range of assessments in order to graduate. All graduates are eligible to obtain comprehensive practitioner insurance and industry memberships, and receive our professional endorsement. Our business model is transparent, with cancellation & refund policies, code of ethics and Certification information readily available on our website.

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