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Looking For Your Soulmate? You'll Need This Crystal...

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Soulmate Crystal

Are you ready to meet the love of your life? Perhaps you are seeking a soul-friend or kindred spirit to journey with on this earthly realm… A Soulmate Crystal (also known as Tantric Twin or Twin Flame Crystal), holds the perfect type of energy for you to manifest your heart’s desire into a tangible reality.

Many crystals, such as Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst, grow together in ‘clusters’. I like to think of these type of crystals as one big family, made up of tiny little incarnating souls all huddled together. Sometimes the bond between these crystalline beings is so strong, that they can’t bear to be apart. Like a tree trunk with 2 branches, two or more individual crystals will grow out of one common base, or, be fused together at some point, not dissimilar to conjoined twins.

Soulmate crystals are gorgeous treasures to hold close to your heart. They symbolise and embody everything we would associate with a true Soul Mate: Support, strength, solid foundations and eternal togetherness. They remind us that we are not alone, and that everybody has a Twin Flame they are waiting to be reconnected with.

Different Tantric Twin formations can be used for attracting and manifesting specific types of Soul Mates. For Example, a pair of Tantric Twin crystals that are roughly the same size and height would be best used for someone seeking a spiritual equal (either male or female) to connect with, in romance or friendship. A large crystal with a much smaller crystal attached, would be perfect for a Mother-to-be to cherish. as she awaits her first meeting with the new little soul she will soon be birthing.

When working with Soulmate crystals, they should be treated with love, respect and tenderness. Here are a few idea to get you started:

- Place the crystal over your heart Chakra when meditating, to help manifest your heart’s desires.

- Create a sacred ‘Soulmate’ altar and place the crystals, together with other things that symbolise the soul you wish to attract. You might like to incorporate photos, items from nature, incense, ornaments and keepsakes.

- Sit with your soulmate crystal, staring deep into it’s depths, imagining one of the crystals as yourself, and the other as your Soulmate. As you sit and look deep within the crystal, identifying features of your twin may even begin to present themselves.

...and remember, Soulmates don’t always present themselves when you want them to. Sometimes you just need to take a hiatus from searching for your Soulmate, and start nurturing your own soul while you wait!

Kate Mantello

Master Transpersonal Crystal Healer

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