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How to Market Your Spiritual/Energetic Healing Business.

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

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Do you run a spiritual or energetic healing business… but are struggling to make ends meet? Perhaps you are finding it difficult to attract new clients or stand out in the ever-expanding sea of competitor websites, advertisements and social media pages?

You are definitely not alone!

Most spiritual practitioners and energy healers find marketing their business a little challenging. Not only is there more competition than ever before, but we live in a world where marketing is constantly being forced into our private world- and people are getting sick of it! Advertising is everywhere- filling our mailboxes, email accounts, TVs, social media and even our phones, with businesses all screaming out for our attention.

In such a noisy, saturated marketing world, how do you possibly stand out?

Here are some tips for you to successfully market your spiritual healing business and stand out:


One thing that is a sure stand-out in the noisy world of marketing is authenticity. The world is saturated with businesses putting profit before people, and consumers are fed-up. If your motives are true, and your mission is clear, then that energy will flow throughout your business and attract like-minded clients to you. If you are practicing from a place of integrity and authenticity, then the abundance will follow. Be real. Be genuine. Be you. There are lots of other spiritual healing businesses, but there is only one of you, so be your own best product. A flashy window flyer may capture a potential customer’s attention, but it is the essence of the flyer that will either make them walk by, or take action and pick up the phone. If you are a down-to-earth practical person, then let that energy flow through your business. Don’t be all fairy dust and angel wings because you think that’s what your audience wants. Just. Be. You.


This may seem obvious, but many new businesses quickly fail because the business doesn’t offer a quality service or product. I myself, fell into this category many years ago, when I began selling crystal healing jewellery. I couldn’t understand why my pieces weren’t selling like hotcakes, and it took me a while to realise that I was not looking at my products objectively. I was blinded by my emotional connection to the pieces and my desire to make an income and failed to see that the quality of my work was just not equal to the prices I was charging. The lesson was learned. If you are offering a sub-par service or product, then no amount of marketing will compensate. It actually requires a lot of effort to maintain an excellent service standard and bring your ‘A Game’ to every session and product. You have to stay current, relevant, adaptable, competitive, unique, and passionate. Make sure your work space is professional, inviting and your service is excellent. Products should be beautifully presented and be of high quality. Pricing should be fair (see point 5).


This requires doing some research as asking yourself some questions: Where do you sit within the market, and how best to position yourself for maximum exposure? Are there other businesses like yours in the area? How do their products/services/prices compare to yours? Is there a demand for your product/service in the area? There may be a higher demand for spiritual healing business in one area than in other. These are all questions to consider when researching your market and establishing a niche for yourself within it.


It is very difficult to create a thriving healing business (or any business), if you don’t know who your ideal customer/client is. So…. who is your ideal client/customer? It may be helpful to brain-storm an ideal client ‘profile’. This may include your ideal customer’s gender, age, interests, income, etc… Knowing who will buy your service/product is essential to creating successful marketing campaigns. If your ideal client is female, then advertising in a holistic health magazine that has 70% female readership would be much more effective than one that only has 30% female readership. If you want to appeal to mainstream clientele, then your marketing campaigns should focus on being down to earth and professional, rather than overly ‘New Age’ and metaphysical. Many business waste thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing, simply because they have not defined their audience.


This is where excellent market research is important. What is the going rate for your service, how does this sit within the socio-economic status of your area? How well qualified and experienced are you? If you price your services too high, and you’ll alienate your clients. Price yourself too low and your clients won’t value your worth (and you will struggle to make ends meet). You need to be affordable but valued. A good idea can be to offer a sliding-scale payment option or offer discounts to concession card holders.


It is absolutely essential for a business to have a professional, well presented website. At the absolute bare minimum, a Facebook page. There are lots of free website hosting platforms that will allow you to have a simple online presence, but it is definitely worth investing a little more to get a more customised website. However, a website on its own is not enough. Search engines have to be able to find your website every time a potential client does a Google search for ‘energy healer’ or ‘reiki practitioner’. Without great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), your website will rank poorly, and will never show up on the first page of search results. So, if you know nothing about SEO, I strongly recommend enlisting the services of an SEO expert, to take your website from cyber-obscurity, to Number 1!


One of the most valuable tips I have learned through running a successful healing business is that the more time, money and resources you invest in good marketing, the more your business will grow. Effective marketing is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Read marketing blogs, download free marketing booklets, watch webinars and follow successful businesses on social media. Research and education is free, and you will learn so much! If you have the funds, then invest financially in your marketing too. Consider hiring a professional marketing agency or paying for magazine advertising, SEO assistance, and Facebook promotions. The more exposure you get, the faster your client base will grow!


Finally, when it comes to putting yourself ‘out there’ and marketing your business, be resourceful and think outside the box. Effective marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. In addition to the more traditional methods of advertising, such as magazines, flyers, letterbox drops, social media, business cards etc, there are limitless other opportunities for you to grow your business and gain exposure. Think: market stalls, open-houses, competitions, special offers, free workshops, community service, promotions, in-house demonstrations and guest-spots. Often, the most successful marketing campaigns are the ones that are the most original!

By Kate Mantello

About the author:

Kate Mantello is a Master Transpersonal Crystal Therapist with over 10 years’ experience. She is the Founder and Educational Director of the energetic healing academy, Evolve Holistic Healing, and her internationally recognised online crystal healing courses are delivered globally. For a more transformational healing experience, Kate also hosts small group, intensive training retreats on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.


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