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Updated: Apr 28, 2023



Crystals are soooo much more than just spiritual ‘woo woo’! Most people don’t realise that some of technology’s greatest achievements have only been made possible by harnessing the unique cellular properties of rocks, minerals and crystals.

Have you ever found yourself trying to convince a crystal healing skeptic of how powerful crystals are? It can pretty difficult trying to explain crystal ‘energy’ and ‘vibration’ to a hardcore science-lover in a way that sounds credible and convincing. Well, here’s some pretty amazing crystal facts (backed by science), to help astound even the firmest of skeptics:


Most rocks, including Quartz, contain a chemical compound called Silicon Dioxide in various quantities. Because of this, combined with its unique cellular structure, Quartz crystal is actually piezoelectric (pronounced pee-ay-zo-electric). There are only a few other substances on Earth (including bones and DNA) that are also piezoelectric.

This means, when stimulated, Quartz crystal is able to transmute energy from one form into another. For example, when you squeeze a Quartz crystal, it generates a tiny, measurable, electric current. Other crystals have this ability too, however Clear Quartz seems to demonstrate it with the most strength. The opposite is also true: if you pass electricity through quartz, it vibrates at a precise frequency (it shakes an exact number of times each second). People who are sensitive to energy can feel this subtle pulse with their bare hands. Through the use of scientific equipment and technology, we are able to harness this energy and amplify it or use it to power equipment.

To put it even more simply:

Piezoelectric technology uses crystals to convert mechanical energy into electricity or vice-versa.

Here are some modern technologies that would not exist with Quartz crystal:


Sonar technology for detecting ultrasonic submarines in WW1, was the first practical application of piezoelectricity. Thin Quartz crystals were glued between two steel plates with a hydrophone attached, to create a ‘transducer’, which returned echo. By emitting a high-frequency pulse from the transducer and measuring the time taken to hear an echo from the sound waves bouncing off a nearby submarine, naval offers were able to calculate the distance to the approaching sub.

The success of the use of piezoelectricity in sonar, resulted in intense interest in developing piezoelectric devices.


Ever wondered what makes the hand of a clock or watch tick? Inside a clock or watch, the battery sends electricity to a tiny Quartz crystal through an electronic circuit. The Quartz crystal then absorbs this energy and outputs it as vibrational energy. The crystal vibrates back and forth (oscillates) at a precise frequency, which is exactly 32768 times each second. The circuit counts the number of vibrations and uses them to generate regular electric pulses, which amounts to one per second, giving us the ‘tick’ every second. These pulses can also power a digital watch LCD screen. ‘Quartz’ brand watches and clocks even named themselves after this miracle stone.

I won’t go into the scientific explanation for every piece of modern technology that relies on piezoelectric crystals (you can do your own research!), but here are 8 more everyday items that would not be possible without the humble, piezoelectric Quartz crystal.

1. LCD SCREENS (‘LCD’ actually stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Need I say more?)








In addition to piezoelectric crystals, , some crystals (such as Tourmaline and Topaz) are pyroelectric, meaning they generate electricity in response to temperature change.

So, you see, it doesn’t take much research to realise that Crystals are very powerful conductors and transmuters of energy. Considering that humans are basically giant biological batteries producing vast amounts of energy in the form of heat and movement every second (and our bones and DNA are also piezoelectric), it makes perfect sense that we can accomplish profound results when bringing crystals and people together!

If you would love to learn more about the physics and metaphysics of crystal healing, then check out my Certified Crystal Healing Courses…. Teaching real crystal healing skills to science lovers and spiritualists!


About the author:

Kate Mantello is a Master Transpersonal Crystal Therapist with over 10 years’ experience. She is the Founder and Educational Director of the energetic healing academy, Evolve Holistic Healing, and her internationally recognised online crystal healing courses are delivered globally. For a more transformational healing experience, Kate also hosts small group, intensive training retreats on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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