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sacred ritual


An enlightening and spiritually enriching discovery course on how to easily manifest your dreams & enhance your daily life with sacred ritual

Your Journey of Self-Discovery...


You're here because you feel called to honor your soul and bring more spiritual practice into your daily life...

Sacred rituals are a beautiful way of bringing the gap between your daily experiences and your spiritual evolutionary journey. They help us to manifest our dreams, mark meaningful occasions and make transitions with more grace. In this course you'll love nourishing your spirit and soul while learning how to work more powerfully with moon-phases, geometry, symbolism and nature through sacred ritual.

  • Learn 5 powerful rituals 

  • Learn to work with geometry, sigils, symbolism, spirit-guides, elements and crystals in ritual

About our Sacred Rituals Course..

Sacred rituals have been around since the dawn of humanity. They underpin our cultural and religious experience and shape our day-to-day lives...From the morning coffee ritual, to the celebration of birthdays, weddings and funerals - ritual is an important part of our existence.

In this soulful  Beginner Sacred Rituals course you will explore all of the elements that go into ritual work, while learning how to plan and perform your own personalised rituals, and 5 powerful sacred rituals including:

  • Letting go

  • Abundance

  • Release what doesn't serve

  • Heart healing

  • Inner child healing

Use your new skills and knowledge to bring more mindfulness, meaning and spirituality to your life, manifest your heart's desires and heal old traumas.

sacred ritual

Here's what you'll learn...

Sacred Rituals for Beginners Course


Introduction to Sacrde Ritual

  • What is ritual?

  • Ritual tools & sacred items (essential oils, divination cards, crystals, natural elements, geometry, etc)


Using Symbolism & Metaphor in Sacred Ritual

  • How to use symbols & metaphor in ritual

  • Shapes, geometry & sigils

  • Archetypes & nature's elements


Working With Sun & Moon Energy

  • Working with solar & lunar energies

  • Understanding & working with different moon-phases in ritual


Invoking Your Spirit Guides & Ancestors

  • Choosing the 'right' spirit guide to call on

  • Angels & animal guides

  • 'Meet Your Spirit Guide' - guided meditation


Preparations & Planning for Ritual Work

  • Preparing & cleansing yourself, your items & your space  |  Physical, emotional & spiritual safety

  • How to plan a ritual


Five Sacred Rituals Step-By-Step

  • 5 Sacred rituals for: Letting go | Releasing what doesn't serve | Attracting abundance |  Healing the inner child | Healing the heart

Need more information about our courses? Contact us or download our course info booklet!

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Monthly live workshops with Kate Mantello

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6 interactive lessons (approx 18 study hrs)


Bonus E-Book ' Guide to 30 Healing Crystals'


Immediate start &

3 months unlimited online access

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m'ship to our online support group

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On demand 24/7 lessons to suit your lifestyle


7 quality videos,  

78 page textbook & workbook (PDF) 

Here's what's included...

I liked learning about sigils - that was new to me.  Something that seemed too complex was made easier and comprehensive.

 I loved the ideas and concepts.  I used to be into ritual work a long time ago, so its nice to get a new perspective. 

Luckily I live near a beach and have a fire pit so I'm ready to plan something momentous!

-Meredith Mainguy-

Your Immersive, Hands-On Learning


Your incredible learning journey begins as soon as you complete your enrollment!


First, you get INSTANT access to your  course dashboard and lessons. Then, as you explore the videos, text, audio and your course activity workbook, you will find yourself being guided on an immersive and experiential journey into the core of your chakra energy centers.

Got questions? No problem! With the support of our coaching team and a global community of Evolve students ready to help, you'll always have assistance, encouragement and support when you need it!

Kate Mantello

Genuine knowledge.  Actionable skills.  Thousands of changed lives.

Is this Sacred Rituals Course right for YOU?

Energetic resonance is really important to us. We want you to feel as excited to learn with us as we feel about sharing this journey with you! Our Sacred Rituals Beginner's Course is right for you if...

  • You want to learn about sacred rituals for personal use & personal growth

  • You like learning in an easy-to-follow, and practical way

  • You want to learn more about sacred geometry, moon-phases & working with manifestation energy

  • You want a learning experience that is hands-on, engaging and interactive

  • You are a beginner or have only a basic level of experience with ritual work

Take a Sneak-Peek!

Beginner Sacred Rituals Course FAQ

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