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A Time To Let Go

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Several weeks ago I had a dream. I was standing inside an old house I used to live in, and it was both familiar and strange. The front was even more beautiful than I remembered and the rooms spacious, but as I walked deeper into the house, I became more uncomfortable. The rooms became smaller and much of the house had been sloppily renovated. Walls had moved, floors had been patched over and it felt tired and messy. When I finally stepped into the back yard, I discovered that there were puddles of water everywhere, as though pipes had burst. A shack had been put up, and a squatter had moved in. I realised intuitively that this person meant me no harm, but I felt no connection to this strange soul residing in the deepest part of my house. I had a strong feeling that I no longer belonged here, and that the house was like an old jumper that had been stretched out of shape- it no longer 'fit'. It felt wrong.

After some inner journeying and reflection the following day, I realised that the house was me. I had been undergoing a deep transformation for several months and while wile my exterior had remained relatively untouched, my inner world wasin a state of great renovation. Until I had the dream, I'd underestimated how immense and significant this metamorphosis was. I realised that the stranger or 'squatter' In the dream represented the part of myself that somehow had become a stranger. It was a person that I no longer connected with.

Seven years ago, I experienced a similar metamorphosis, and through it, Enchanted Shaman was born. Then, I had an overwhelming urge to create from the deepest part of my being- fusing together my love of crystals with my belief in crystal healing. Although my jewellery was created with genuine intention and love, it was also created from my own deep artistic itch that needed to be scratched. Even though this process was driven largely by my own self-serving need to create, I believed in what I was making with all my heart- Every crystal was carefully selected and respected, designs were worked and reworked and the very essence of who I am was channelled into every single piece. Nothing was gratuitous. Each pendant captured a piece of my soul.

After a time, more and more clay and crystal artists popped up with similar designs, with all of them using the same worn-out spiritual buzz-words like 'Goddess' and 'Spirit Guide' and 'Celestial'. It became challenging trying to come up with something new and meaningful that hadn't been done or wouldn't be copied. Sadly, somewhere amid all that competition, plagerism and spiritual jargon, I feel the the integrity of this movement seems to have been lost. What was born in love and passion and belief, was becoming just a jewellery fad.

I realised that I could no longer exist within that world and remain Authentic. For those who know me personally, you know that I hold truth and integrity sacred. When something longer resonates, it must be let go to preserve my Self-truth.

And so, seven years after my jewellery was birthed into existence, it is now time to let it go gently. . I have whispered my intentions to the winds and the universe has heard me, opening up new doors of opportunity for me as a being of service, love, truth, openness and healing for others. My creative energy can now be channelled into writing and other artforms that can only ever be authentically from my own sacred Heartspace, keeping my integrity intact and touching others even more deeply than my jewellery has.

This 'letting go' process will take some time, and I will still be selling my remaining jewellery pieces through my Etsy store and regular events until sold out. Although I may be inspired to make the occasional piece, I will no longer be taking any custom orders.

As for the path ahead, I am now focusing my energy more deeply on my healing and workshop work, which until now, has been secondary to my healing art. I also feel this transition is helping me to be a better Mum, Wife and person. With this letter, I have not only closed a chapter, but have almost finished the book- ready to sink my teeth into a whole new volume... hopefully one penned by my own hand.

So on that note, I send you all love, heartfelt thanks and my deepest truth as I embrace my new path as full time Therapist. 2016- Bring it on!

Always yours authentically, Kate x

Original writing by Kate Mantello:

Original art/photo by: Unknown

Flying bird

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