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Chakra Healing Course
for Beginners

Online Chakra Healing Course

for Beginners
  • Identify & release blocked chakras for improved health

  • Start a rewarding career in Chakra Therapy or Energy Healing

  • Feel more balance, alignment & spiritual connection

  • Activate your spiritual & energetic healing potential

  • Learn to balance & align the chakras using vibrational healing

You intuitively know...

You're here because you intuitively know how powerful energetic healing can be and you're ready to learn more! Our beginner Chakra Healing Course will help you activate your energy centers and uncover your spiritual healing potential. 

Each interactive lesson will take you on an enlightening journey into the physics and metaphysics of the chakras, without being overwhelming.

You'll easily learn how to use crystal healing, guided visualisation, essential oils and color therapy to support specific imbalances in the energetic body, in addition to fun, hands-on activities designed to awaken your spiritual sensitivity and healing ability - with impressive results!

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Here's what you'll learn...

  • The relationship between the chakras & energy system

  • How to work with 9 chakras for healing & wellness

  • Symptoms of a chakra blockage & how to clear it

  • How to work with crystals, essential oils, color therapy & visualisation to heal & balance the chakras

  • Guided full-body chakra meditation

  • How to correctly place crystals on the chakras in a full-body chakra layout

Chakra Therapy for Beginners Course

About the course...

Everything that exists in the universe has a unique energetic vibration, including the human body. Just like a battery, every cell in our body is capable of emitting large amounts of measurable energy. In Sanskrit, the word 'chakra' literally means 'wheel'. It describes the circular funnels of energy which work to keep the energetic flow moving smoothly through our body.

Most basic chakra healing courses only cover seven main chakras, however our Beginner Chakra Healing course will teach you to work with nine. You'll learn powerful energetic healing techniques to support, balance and cleanse each chakra as well as diagnose and support a blocked or closed chakra.

Use your new skills and knowledge to help family and friends, or to restore wellness, alignment and balance to your clients in an existing healing practice. You'll love practicing these techniques on yourself and receiving the mental, physical and spiritual benefits that chakra therapy will bring to your life.

What our students say
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"This course was extremely informative and easy to follow.

It is a great course for beginners of chakra healing.

Because it includes basic crystal work, it is also a great starting point for energy healing"

Audra Dover


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"I loved this Chakra Healing Course! Kate is lovely to listen to, super informative and clearly knowledgeable.

The course was structured well and the resources are awesome. I can't wait to take it to the next level!

Thank you so much!"

Daya Jones


Group photo, Crystal healing course Bris

"Thank you for your compassion and understanding, the opportunities you’ve led me to and the great way you’ve structured teachings so that we can gain such valuable insight.  You most certainly have been a huge inspiration since I came across you and your work"

Lydia Ratawari


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Monthly live workshops with Kate Mantello

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21 interactive lessons (approx 16 study hrs)


Immediate course access- no wait time!

3 months unlimited online access

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Lifetime membership to our online support group

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On demand 24/7 lessons to suit your lifestyle


3 High quality videos

& 30+ pages of PDFs

Your Learning Experience

Chakra Healing Course FAQ

What is a 'Chakra'?

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Chakra’ literally means ‘wheel’. It describes the circular funnels that are located at key energy points of the body, which work to keep the energy flowing in a constant stream throughout our energy system.
While there only a few major Chakras located along the central meridian line of the body, there are thousands of minor Chakras located all over the body.
Most courses and Chakra diagrams, only cover seven main Chakras, however, in our courses, we will teach you to work with with nine. In our introductory Chakra Healing Course, you will learn how each of these nine Chakras corresponds to specific organs and energy systems, in addition to learning effective energetic healing techniques to support, balance and cleanse each Chakra. You will also learn how to energetically sense if a Chakra is blocked or closed, and which common symptoms to look for.

Is This Chakra Therapy Course Certified or Accredited?

Our introductory Chakra Healing course is designed to deliver valuable learning content for personal use, or to enhance existing healing modalities. As this course is quite compact, it is not a full course of professional Chakra Therapy training, and is therefore not certified or accredited. If you are looking for a more in-depth and professional course of study, then please see our Practitioner Courses. All of our practitioner courses are fully Certified and Accredited (in 39 countries) and you will receive a beautiful certificate on completion!

What Happens After I Enroll?

Once you have completed your enrollment, you will receive instant access to the course through your learning dashboard. We use a state-of-the-art delivery system to give our students the absolute best online Crystal Healing Course experience. It is as simple as clicking through the lessons and following the prompts!

How Is This Course Delivered?

We use a state-of-the-art delivery system to give our students the absolute best online Crystal Healing Course experience. Once you enroll, you will receive access to all the course lessons immediately. You simply work your way through each lesson, and check it off as complete when you're done. Since our courses are delievered 'on demand', this means you can access your course work anywhere, any time, on any device. Lessons are made up of text, video and PDF downloads and include lots of hands-on healing activities for you to complete at home (such as meditations and Crystal Healing layouts). You have 3 months access your introductory course, so you can come back to review your lessons at any time! You will also receive contact details for one of our awesome Evolve Healing Coaches (accessable via email) for any questions or support you may need along the way. The best way to really get a feel for how our courses are delivered is to try our FREE CRYSTAL MINI-COURSES. You'll get to sample our online learning centre, plus you'll get some awesome crystal healing lessons (including text and video).... all for free!

What Is 'Chakra Healing'?

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Chakra’ literally means ‘wheel’. It describes the circular funnels of energy that are located at key energy points of the body. These 'Chakras' work to keep energy flowing in a constant stream throughout our energy system. When we experience any form of ill-health through emotional trauma, illness or addiction, for example, the integrity of our energy system can become compromised. We may develop energetic 'blocks' which can then cause even more imbalance and health issues. Chakra Healing is the term we use to describe any form of treatment that focuses on the Chakras or energy system, to help restore balance and health to the body. Different forms of Chakra Therapy include: Chakra balancing, Chakra clearing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Chakra alignments and more. Chakra Healing can be used to complement and enhance a wide range of holistic treatment practices, from massage to counselling!