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A fun, interactive and in-depth chakra healing course for beginners

Your Journey of Self-Discovery...


You're here because you intuitively know how powerful energetic healing can be and you're ready to learn more! Our Beginner Chakra Healing Course will help you activate your energy centers and uncover your spiritual healing potential in a fun and interactive way. 

Each lesson will take you on an enlightening journey into the energetics of chakras, without being overwhelming.

You'll learn to easily use crystal healing, meditation, aromatherapy, color and nutrition to support specific imbalances in your energetic body, while awakening your spiritual sensitivity and healing ability - with impressive results!

  • Learn to work with the 10 main chakras for healing & wellness, using a variety of vibrational healing methods

  • Learn to read and understand your own chakra energy

  • Understand how to 'unblock', 'cleanse', 'balance' & 'activate' the chakras & perform chakra therapy

About our Chakra Healing Course..

Everything that exists in the universe has a unique energetic vibration, including the human body. Just like a battery, every cell in our body is capable of emitting large amounts of measurable energy. In Sanskrit, the word 'chakra' literally means 'wheel'. It describes the circular funnels of energy which work to keep the energetic flow moving smoothly through our bodies.

Most chakra healing courses only cover seven chakras, but our Beginner Chakra Healing course will teach you to work with ten. You'll learn powerful healing techniques to diagnose energetic imbalance and to support, rejuvenate and cleanse each chakra. 

Use your new skills and knowledge to help family and friends, or to restore wellness, alignment and balance to your clients in an existing healing practice. You'll love practicing these techniques on yourself and receiving the mental, physical and spiritual benefits that chakra therapy will bring to your life!

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Here's what's included...

Here's what you'll learn...

Chakra Healing for Beginners Course


Introduction to Chakra Healing

  • Introduction to chakra healing

  • The 10 chakras used in energy healing

  • Understanding common chakra healing terms (chakra balancing, chakra alignment, 'closed' chakra, etc)


Understanding the Chakras

  • Understanding the chakras

  • How to sense chakra energy


Chakra Healing with Crystals

  • Using crystal healing in chakra therapy

  • Chakras & their corresponding crystals

  • Full-body chakra healing crystal layout

  • Correct crystal placement on the chakras


Chakra Healing with Guided Meditation

  • Using guided meditation in chakra healing

  • Guided 'Gateway' chakra healing meditation


Chakra Healing with Essential Oils

  • Using essential oils in chakra healing

  • Chakras & their corresponding essential oils

  • Crystal-infused chakra healing oil recipe


Chakra Healing with Color & Food

  • How to use color therapy to heal the chakras

  • Understanding the energy in food & how to use food to heal the chakras

Need more information about our courses? Contact us or download our course info booklet!

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Monthly live workshops with Kate Mantello

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6 interactive lessons (approx 18 study hrs)


Bonus E-Book ' Guide to 30 Healing Crystals'


Immediate start &

3 months unlimited online access

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m'ship to our online support group

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On demand 24/7 lessons to suit your lifestyle


7 quality videos,  

76 page textbook & workbook (PDF) 

Here's what's included...

I am certified in quantum alchemy energy healing as well as other healing modalities.  I thought I have heard and learned about everything there is about the chakra system... and I was pleasantly surprised to learn new information about the chakras and new ways of balancing chakras that I have never heard anywhere else before!

-Any Beedle-

Your Immersive, Hands-On Learning


Your incredible learning journey begins as soon as you complete your enrollment!


First, you get INSTANT access to your course dashboard and lessons. Then, as you explore the videos, text, audio and your course activity workbook, you will find yourself being guided on an immersive and experiential journey into the core of your chakra energy centers.

Got questions? No problem! With the support of our coaching team and a global community of Evolve students ready to help, you'll always have assistance, encouragement and support when you need it!

Kate Mantello

Genuine knowledge.  Actionable skills.  Thousands of changed lives.

Is this Chakra Therapy Course right for YOU?

Energetic resonance is really important to us. We want you to feel as excited to learn with us as we feel about sharing this journey with you! Our Chakra Healing Beginner's Course is right for you if...

  • You want to learn about chakra healing for personal use & personal growth

  • You like learning in an easy-to-follow, and practical way

  • You want to learn more about the energy system, energy healing and spiritual healing

  • You want a learning experience that is hands-on, engaging and interactive

  • You are a beginner or have only a basic level of chakra knowledge and want to learn more!

Take a Sneak-Peek!

chakra healing course (c) Evolve Healing Institute
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chakra healing course (c) Evolve Healing Institute
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chakra healing course (c) Evolve Healing Institute
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chakra healing course (c) Evolve Healing Institute
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chakra healing course (c) Evolve Healing Institute
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chakra healing course (c) Evolve Healing Institute
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Beginner Chakra Healing Course FAQ

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