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You won't believe how much we've packed into this FREE Crystal Healing Course

We  LOVE crystals and want to share this amazing healing modality with you! There is so much information available on crystal healing.  Even learning basic crystal healing skills can be overwhelming (where do you even start?).  We've simplified the process by creating this fun Free Crystal Healing Course, to help you get started.  

You won't believe how much you'll learn!




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100% quality Crystal Healing info. Here's what you'll learn...

  • The healing properties of 10 super healing crystals

  • ​​The name, colour and location of the 9 chakras used in crystal healing

  •  How to correctly place chakra crystals

  • ​​Secret tips & tricks for placing crystals on the body (you won't learn these from a book!)

  • ​​Crystal Quiz - Test Your Knowledge!

  • ​​​Plus more!​

What our students say

"I wasn't expecting much for a free course but there’s lots of useful information in this course. I highly recommend you try it!"

Erica Nicholson


"I loved the video and already

feel more in tune with my crystals. As a beginner that's a positive thing!"

Laura Wood


"A really fantastic insight into the basics of crystal healing. I really enjoyed doing this and feel so grateful to have found the Evolve website."

Stella Santina


"Kate obviously has a wealth of knowledge and delivers information on her top 10 crystals in an easy to understand (and remember) way"

Eva Baker


"A great intro to crystals for body work. This free crystal healing course gives you the confidence to start self healing straight away"

Linda Jones


"I always wanted to learn about crystals but never knew where to start. This course was absolutely amazing and not to mention free!"

Alaina Bates