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5 things you NEED TO KNOW before signing up for ANY Certified Crystal Healer Course...


So, you love crystals and you're thinking about signing up to a Crystal Healing Certification course? Awesome! Choosing the perfect course and mentor is a big decision. If you are serious about becoming the BEST Crystal Healing Practitioner possible, then there are some things you absolutely should know before making your final decision.

1. You Do Not Need A Certification To Practice Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an unregulated healing modality, meaning anyone can call themselves a 'Crystal Healer'. There are currently no laws requiring minimum qualifications or standards for Crystal Healing practitioners. This means that there are plenty of sub-standard Crystal Healing courses and average, under-trained practitioners around. 


Ask yourself... is your dream to be 'average' or 'awesome'? If professionalism and integrity are important to you, then earning a reputable, skill-based Crystal Healing qualification is essential for creating the professional success you dream of. Not only will you attract higher-paying clients who are drawn to your excellent standards, but without a professionally recognised and Certified Crystal Healing qualification, there's no way you'll be able to obtain practitioner insurance or membership into any healing organisation. 


Trust us, no reputable healing practitioner would set up a healing business without insurance. So, when shopping around, always ask potential course providers if their course is Accredited, and if so, which countries and insurance companies recognise the qualification. Some Crystal Healing Certification courses, while offered internationally, are only recognised in their country of origin.

2. Certification vs Accreditation - What You Need To Know

Gaining a Crystal Healing 'Certification' is easy. There are plenty of cyberspace establishments willing to 'certify' courses for a fee. Make sure your course provider is Certified by a reputable healing body. Even better, search out Crystal Healing Courses that are Accredited (in addition to being Certified). Accreditation is better than Certification, because it requires a more rigorous assessment process and demands a higher quality of learning content be submitted to the Accrediting organisation.  Accredited courses must meet minimum course study hours and offer comprehensive assessment procedures, student management policies and more.  Certifications usually do not require this same high standard.

3. Don't Be Surprised When You Get What You Pay For

If you are looking for the cheapest, quickest way to earn a Crystal Healing qualification, then our courses are not for you. Our courses do require a certain level of financial commitment, because we know the exceptional value and quality of our content. We regularly receive enrollment inquiries from disappointed students who previously chose a cheaper online course option, only to be left without any practical skills. Our students actually earn their qualifications, through dedicated practice and proven skill growth.  When researching your course options, ask yourself what value you place on your professional education and career. Sure, you can pay $50 and download a 'Certified' Crystal Healing Course (and never have to perform a single healing assessment), but would that really be the best start to your new healing career?

4. Don't Pay For Information You Can Get Free From Google 

Would you enroll in a massage course that doesn't offer any hands-on massage practice? Probably not.

It seems almost too ridiculous to be true, but many online Certified Crystal Healing courses offer NO practical assessment procedures as part of the course syllabus. Once you have signed up and paid your fee, your entire learning experience comes from an automated course delivery system. This means, you are essentially paying for knowledge you could get free from Google! Always ask potential course providers how they assess their student's hands-on skill development and what level of personal, one-on-one feedback and support (if any) students receive from a real-life course Facilitator. 



5. Your Course Provider MUST Be Able To Demonstrate This...

Finally, ask your course provider how much healing experience your course instructor has working with real clients. It is astounding how many Crystal Healing courses are offered by people with little or no professional healing experience. How many years were they in practice before they begun teaching? Do they know how to help clients with depression? Anxiety? Miscarriage?  Have they ever performed Crystal Healing on children? How would they help a client who has become emotionally distressed or who has a repressed memory of childhood trauma suddenly surface?  Have they worked with people of all shapes and sizes? (Which actually makes a huge difference to practical crystal placement!). You get the idea...  Your course Facilitator may know a lot about crystals, but if they've never had any real-life Crystal Healing experience, then what they can offer you is limited!


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