Evolve Code of Ethics


We take our business integrity and the best interests of our clients and students very seriously. All students of Evolve Healing Institute are required to agree that they will adhere to and implement the following code of ethics while in training and once qualified, as a means to maintain professionalism, safety and integrity in their practise.

1) Always conduct yourself and your clients with integrity and respect.

2) Protect client confidentiality and never divulge any identifying information about your clients, or client's lives with anybody.

3) Respect personal boundaries and always act appropriately. Never initiate any unwanted or inappropriate physical contact with a client.

4) Client safety is paramount.  Always ensure your venue and equipment is safe, in excellent working order and that you are always mindful of your client's physical, emotional and psychological safety.

5) Only work within your realm of education, qualification and experience, respecting your abilities and limitations.

6) Maintain honesty, transparency, fairness and integrity in all business matters including marketing, pricing and self promotion.

7) Always work within the limitations of the law and your professional bodies.

8) Never take emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, mental (or other) advantage of a client.

9) Always encourage clients to accept responsibility for their own healing, helping to empower them.

10) Always bring your 'best self' to the healing room- sober, present and accepting.

11) Always make sure clients are aware that Holistic Therapies are a complementary treatment, not meant to replace proper medical or psychological care.  Never suggest your client alter or cease any prescribed medications or treatments unless they have been instructed to do so by a licensed medical professional.

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