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Advanced Practitioner's Certificate

Upgrade your CCH qualification and learn to heal on ALL levels of being- physical, spiritual, psychological, energetic & emotional.

Upgrade Course for our CCH Graduates


Our ground-breaking Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course is a pathway of  life-changing personal growth and healing. It will take you deep into the spiritual, psychological and energetic principles that govern your existence. Who are 'YOU' beneath your external personality layers? What is your unique alchemy to share with the world? In this course, you'll find out! 

If you have previously graduated from our Certified Crystal Healer Course, then this upgrade course is for you!

  • Upgrade your crystal healing skills & learn how to work with high-risk clients

  • Learn the secrets of spiritual philosophy, transpersonal psychology & holistic counselling

  • Earn RPL for all previously completed CCH units

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Your Learning Journey continues...

Get ready to continue your learning journey as you dive even deeper into the world of spirituality and natural healing!

As a previous graduate of our CCH course, you already know what to expect from your Evolve learning experience.

In this course, you receive 18 months to complete the course material and  your lessons are released in 3 monthly bulk lesson drops, just like the CCH course.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • More advanced crystal and energy healing skills

  • A deeper understanding of yourself & your spiritual path

  • Much higher level of confidence & healing mastery

Here's what you'll learn...

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Upgrade Course


Introduction to TCH | Intentions & Goal-Setting

  • History & modern day crystal healing

  • Different types of crystals

  • Selecting & attuning to crystals

  • Lab-grown crystals & crystal fakes


Let's Get Spiritual

  • Authenticity & the modern spiritual path

  • Spiritual living in the modern world

  • Connecting with your spirit guides


The Human Healing Journey

  • The practitioner's role in the healing journey

  • 4 Stages of the healing journey

  • Facilitating healing journeys from first realization to final transformation


The 5 Energetic Bodies

  • The nature of trauma

  • The 5 energetic bodies

  • How trauma manifests in the energetic bodies

  • Processing & releasing energetic trauma


TCH Mandalas & Law of Attraction

  • Jungian Mandalas & TCH Mandalas

  • Law of attraction & Hermetic philosophy

  • Law of attraction in life practice

  • 5 Steps for successful manifestation work


States of Consciousness & Guided Meditations

  • The different states of consciousness

  • Archetypes & dream interpretation

  • Facilitating guided meditations & visualizations

  • 'The Forest' and 'The Boat' guided meditations


Transpersonal Psychology & Counselling

  • Different types of transpersonal therapies

  • Foundations in transpersonal psychology

  • Key figures in transpersonal psychology

  • Holistic counselling theory & practice


Sacred Geometry & 'Torus' Protection Shield

The 'Torus' in sacred geometry

Working with the Torus energy & protection shield


90 Minute TCH Sessions 

  • Plan & perform 90 minute TCH sessions

  • Advanced crystal body layouts for healing the past, cancer, fertility & depression

  • Working with high risk clients


Multi Modality Healing & Online Group Healing

  • The multi-modality healing model

  • Discovering your unique alchemy

  • Developing your personal healing style

  • Guided group meditations & workshops

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Upgrade Course FAQ

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