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Over 20,000 students worldwide have taken our online crystal healing courses. Here's why...


Taking this course was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. It transformed me on so many levels and has given me a way to help others on their healing journeys. I found I did a lot of healing in myself through the self reflection in this class and it got me just far enough out of my comfort zone that I grew a lot as a individual and in doing so became a confident and knowledgeable practitioner

-Jeanette Jackson -

Anna Speranza.jpg

Anna's story...

"Words will never express just how much this course had meant to me. I never expected to learn what I did when I began this fabulous course. It is so well laid out, with modules building upon each other. The tasks ensure that interest is piqued and learning progresses in a natural, organic way...once started, you just cannot stop wanting to learn more about crystals. I especially love the video tutorials - I could (and will) go back and review anything I may have forgotten. Both Lisa and Kate are extremely caring and supportive, always helping and respond quickly to any enquiry I had. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to learn more about crystals"

Anna graduated as a Transpersonal Crystal Healing®  Practitioner in Jan 2021. By Feb she had set up a successful home-based healing practice and by May we had hired her as an Evolve Course Coach. Anna is a perfect example of when you follow your path with trust and effort, amazing opportunities follow! Check out Anna's website HERE

Charley's story...

"If you were to tell me two years ago that in this moment I would be studying an array of modalities AND I would also be a practicing and certified crystal healing practitioner with an expanding and thriving business, I would have replied with a shrug of disbelief...but thats my story!


The amazing practitioner courses that Evolve Healing Institute provide are incredible and have opened up a new and exciting life path for me that I could never have imagined. The courses are easy to follow, yet extensive and packed full of relevant and eye opening content. If you're reading this, then I'm guessing you are already called to this work.  Trust me when I say that you wont be disappointed!  I will be a life long student of Evolve and await all new courses with high anticipation. Thank you Kate and the whole Evolve team for your support and guidance"

Check out Charley's beautiful business and website HERE

Krystal Martinez_edited.jpg

Krystal's story...

"The courses Kate has designed for Evolve Healing institute have been created with a deep purpose and intention. This intention is highlighted within each module where you are exposed to more than learning crystal healing though tuning into your true authentic self. The overall journey within the course allows you to activate your intuition, deepen your inner knowing and channel the unique frequency that each crystal holds within the specialised healing you create. 


I have always been exposed to crystals from a young age and learnt through my journey how to use them within holistic rituals and grow a bond with each crystal. Though, from a practitioner perspective, learning under the guidance of the beautiful facilitators of Evolve Healing Institute, I enhanced my understanding and connection with crystals unlike before. 


Techniques I learnt from studying at Evolve Healing Institute have been integrated into the healings I offer within my business Seed Rise Bloom. I have discovered the power by connecting with each crystal I own, therefore amplifying the intention of the frequency of the crystal needed to heal, nurture and nourish the energy field of the soul traveller being healed."

Krystal completed our Certified Crystal Healer Course in late 2020. She now has a blossoming healing business (Seed Rise Bloom), and is also the host of a healing & wellness podcast. Check out Krystal's website HERE

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