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We are 100% dedicated to providing you with quality crystal healing sets and crystal healing tools for your lightwork!  Because we train world-class crystal healing practitioners, we are VERY particular about the crystals we sell.

You will not find any low-grade fakes or poor quality stones here. We hand pick EVERY SINGLE crystal that goes into our crystal sets and ensure we are only selling top-quality healing stones for conscious collectors and those who work with crystals professionally.

Please note that because many of our pieces are one-offs and sourced from different places, prices are subject to change without notice.

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  • Authentic, individually hand-picked crystals

  • Beautiful 100% recycled custom gift box

  • Professional quality chakra crystal sets

  • Reliable worldwide shipping

  • 10% discount for Evolve students

MASTER Crystal Healer Expert Set - 12 Piece

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Product Details

The Master Crystal Healer Expert Set is made for professional energy healers, crystal practitioners and students of our Certified Crystal Healing courses. It would also make an absolutely stunning crystal gift box, for anyone who loves rarer and more high-end crystals and healing stones! This breathtaking set contains 12 of the most powerful and effective crystals used in professional crystal healing practice (which can be quite costly and time-consuming to purchase individually!) The crystals are presented in a stunning compartment-filled gift box for easy storage and use.

Why we love this Master crystal collection set

It looks as beautiful as a box of crystal candy, but contains rare and powerful healing stones for all your expert crystal healing needs. This set is a must-have for advanced and expert crystal healing students and practitioners who want to take their practice to the next-level.

Quality 'hand-picked' guarantee

Unlike other crystal set sellers, we do not buy our crystals in bulk-bags or choose cheaper stone types to fill our kits. Instead, we take hours to hand-pick every single crystal to ensure it meets the highest aesthetic and energetic healing standards for your use and enjoyment. While most of our stones are 'A' grade, some stones in the Master set are 'B' grade, because the higher grade is gem-quality (such as Ruby and and Kunzite), which is reserved for use in fine jewelry and is not suitable for crystal healing work.

What's included

12 individual crystals and healing stones, including tumbled, natural and shaped varieties (2.5-5cm specimens):

Ruby, Rhodochrosite, Iolite, Aragonite, Celestite, Spirit Quartz, Larimar, Pink Kunzite, Apophyllite, Nuummite, Charoite & Ruby in Fuschite

Eco-conscious custom gift packaging

Every Master set is lovingly and beautifully presented in a custom recycled eco-box with individual compartments for each crystal. It is finished off with ribbon and a full-color crystal reference chart for your easy identification.

Important information

Photograph is a sample only. As no two crystals are identical, the exact size and shape of the crystals in your set may vary slightly from the photograph. Sorry, but we do not take photographs of each crystal set, as this would be too time-consuming!

Are you an Evolve student?

Evolve students receive a 10% discount to our shop. Please refer to the student discount code provided in your course (or email our admin team), to redeem your student discount!

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"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation"   ~ Nikola Tesla

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