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30% Off Lightworker Sale!

*** HURRY! ENDS JAN 31st! ***

Are you ready to start 2021 feeling more positive and empowered?

With such global uncertainty, it's more important than ever to create a conscious, positive footprint and become more self-reliant in 2021.

  • Work from home with the support of a global healing network

  • Stay flexible with online servicesdistance healing

  • Maintain your income through lockdowns & business closures

  • Contribute positivity & healing to the world

  • Reclaim your personal power & financial self-sufficiency

  • Embrace more spiritual alignment & release negativity & fear

To kickstart your amazing new career and fresh 2021 start,...

We are offering lightworkers the opportunity to join our global lightworker community by enrolling in our Certified Crystal Healer or Transpersonal Crystal Healer courses for

30% OFF

(must use coupon code LIGHTWORKER30)

Please scroll down for details.

You'll LOVE this offer because...

  • You will save 30% off the regular price

  • Once qualified, you can work from home, online, in-person and stay flexible in a changing world (without losing your income or employment opportunities)

  • Your own dedicated course coach PLUS free access to monthly live workshop and mentoring video sessions with Kate Mantello , offering you personal support & advice on how to grow and adapt your business so you continue to thrive personally and professionally - no matter what is happening in the world!

  • The feeling you get from knowing your work is coming from a place of integrity and is genuinely helping people heal and grow

  • Start 2021 earning a professional energy healing qualification that is recognised WORLDWIDE​​


Get 30% Off - Enroll Now! 

*** HURRY! ENDS 31st JAN ***

Click on either the Certified Crystal Healer or Transpersonal Crystal Healer course enrollment buttons below.  Enter the promo code at checkout to get 30% off.  Strictly limited to the first 30 enrollments!

Start 2021 on YOUR terms: Empowered. Educated. Aligned. Upskilled.



Please scroll down for details.

About this Offer...


The 30% off lightworker discount applies to online course enrollments received for our Certified Crystal Healer or Transpersonal Crystal Healer  payment plan courses, between 7th January - 31st January 2021 and using the coupon code 'LIGHTWORKER30'

The 30% discount applies to ALL monthly payments for the duration of the 6 month payment plan.


Sorry, but this promotion does not apply to courses that are paid in full upfront. We will run other promotions for pay-upfront courses later in the year!

This offer cannot be post-applied to enrollments that were received before the 7th January. We receive a large volume of course enrollments every day and while we appreciate it is disappointing to miss out on a sale, it is essential that we maintain fairness and equality for all students. For this reason,  only enrollments received within the designated sale time will be honored.

If you missed out on this promotion by few days or weeks, then you have the option of cancelling your current enrollment and re-enrolling (without refund), if it means that you will still be saving on your course fees and your re-enrollment is one of the first 30 enrollments to be received within the Lightworker Sale timeframe.


This discounted rate is limited to the first 30 enrollments

*** ENDS JAN 31st! ***

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"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation"   ~ Nikola Tesla

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