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Enrol in our Certified Crystal Healer Course between
June 20th-27th & get our
Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course (valued at A$320)
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Imagine becoming...


No more unfulfilling desk jobs and low hourly pay rates! 

  • Work from the comfort of home in your own healing space

  • Connect to crystal energy every day

  • Experience deep fulfilment helping people to heal 

  • Earn an excellent hourly income

  • Become a double-qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner

Are your ready to follow your crystal energy healing dream and begin your new healing career?

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Krystal Martinez


"The courses have been created with a deep purpose and intention. The overall journey within the course allows you to activate your intuition, deepen your inner knowing and channel the unique frequency that each crystal holds within the specialised healing you create. 


From a practitioner perspective, learning under the guidance of the beautiful facilitators of Evolve Healing Institute, I enhanced my understanding and connection with crystals unlike before. 


Techniques I learnt have been integrated into the healings I offer within my business Seed Rise Bloom. I have discovered the power by connecting with each crystal I own, therefore amplifying the intention of the frequency of the crystal needed to heal, nurture and nourish the energy field of the soul traveller being healed."

Krystal completed our Certified Crystal Healer Course in late 2020. She now has a blossoming healing business (Seed Rise Bloom), and is also the host of a healing & wellness podcast. Check out Krystal's website HERE



This promotion is available to students who enrol in our Certified Crystal Healer Course between

June 20th-27th AEST. This includes enrollments that are paid in full and payment plan enrollments.

The free Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course will be automatically uploaded to your student dashboard within 24 hours of completing your enrollment.

You can then complete both the Crystal Healer Course and the Bodyworker course simultaneously. Sorry, but we do not offer delayed start times or 'pauses' to beginning the Bodyworker course.

The exception to this is students who enrol in the Certified Crystal Healer payment plan, in which case you will receive the free Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course once your Certified Crystal Healer course plan is paid in full. 

This offer only applies to enrollments received between June 20th-27th AEST and cannot be post-applied to enrollments received before this date.

Get Your 2-for-1 Crystal Course Offer Now!