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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

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Ladies, we all have them! They can be a source of immense pleasure, great pain, new life and loss of life. They can cause embarrassment, arousal and excitement. Some like them simply shaved, while others turn theirs into fancy artworks. Yes, I’m talking about your vagina which, in spiritual and Tantric circles, is more poetically referred to as your ‘Yoni’.

With the rise of Eastern spiritual practice in the Western world, words such as ‘Kama Sutra’, ‘Tantra’ and ‘Kundalini’ have become familiar. Female sexuality and sensuality has long been revered in many ancient civilizations, however it sadly became oppressed with the rise of the male-dominated, Western civilization, which we now find ourselves living in.

But ladies rejoice! Fortunately, women around the world are actively seeking to restore ownership and celebration of their sexuality. We are becoming much more vocal and active around issues of sexual abuse, oppression, sexual exploration and evolution, with a resulting explosion of sexual experiences now on offer.

The spiritually-minded, sexually aware woman now has no shortage of avenues in which to spread her proverbial butterfly wings and get her Kundalini rising. From Tantra retreats in Thailand, to Goddess workshops in Byron Bay, women now have access to a limitless number of Root-Chakra activating experiences to tantalise and tease pleasure from her sacred woman-centre.

One of the more popular tools for achieving this, is the crystal ‘massage wand’. Crafted from a long, smooth piece of crystal, these pleasure-stones offer the ultimate Root Chakra awakening. Different from their silicone or rubber counterparts, crystal dildos aren’t battery operated. They don’t vibrate, twitch or tickle, but instead offer a much more organic and natural feeling, which in turn, facilitates a more energetically ‘pure’ pleasure experience. The smooth crystal is gentle on your lady parts and can be purchased in a wide variety of crystal types to suit each woman’s unique sexual energy.

Long big pink crystal

Like a soft, romantic experience? Try Rose Quartz for that loving feeling.

A bit of a wild child with a passion for pleasure? Red Jasper should get your juices flowing.

Learning to let yourself go? Rhodonite will help release emotional and sexual trauma while providing gentle support as you explore yourself safely.

Crystal massage wands, along with other crystal love-toys (such as Yoni eggs), can be easily purchased online, or at any well-stocked crystal store. Ranging in price from around $50-$150 (and in size from long and thin to short and twisted), they are the spiritual sex-toy that every woman wants!

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