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How to positively change the ending to your personal 'story'...

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

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The theme of personal 'stories' has been cropping up a lot with my clients this week- victim stories, fear stories, abuse stories, relationship stories....

Early on, our life stories are written for us by our parents through projection of their own stories. Eventually, the style of writing will change as we take over authorship, but the stories remain the same- the same failed relationships, the same patterns of abuse etc.

Somewhere along the way, many of us become disconnected from our own Self-power, and become stuck perpetuating the same stories. We forget that we hold the power to change the non-serving stories by simply exercising our choice and actions. Every choice we make is followed up by an action, and by slightly altering these two things, we can begin creating ripples throughout the pages of our stories and the words begin to change.... until the old story no longer remains and we are faced with a book full of blank pages, awaiting our desired ending... Awaiting YOUR desired ending.

You are powerful. You are capable. And your story is simply bursting with exciting possibilities!

Ask yourself-

How is your story going to end?

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