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Experience total life transformation for less than $5 per week!

Welcome Beautiful Soul! 

CRYSTALIS is an unlimited, high- vibe, life-transformation program specially created for those who are SPIRITUALLY AWAKE and want to create a huge shift in their lives through energetic healing, mindset mastery and sacred embodied practiceOvercome trauma, attract abundance & opportunity, feel more positive & empowered... These are just some of the results you can expect from your CRYSTALIS journey!

Empowering. Inspiring. Transformational...
You won't believe how much value you'll get from your CRYSTALIS membership! 


Some online membership programs charge a lot but offer little in return. CRYSTALIS is the complete opposite!


Affordability is a non-negotiable MUST.

That's why for less than $5 per week* your CRYSTALIS membership will unlock an unbelievable amount of life-changing content! You'll get access to interactive masterclasses, chakra frequency activations, meditations, a global support community, monthly personal growth challenges... PLUS loads of resources including energetic practices you can do at home to accelerate your personal transformation, including:

  • Breathwork

  • Crystal healing

  • EFT

*Based on our 'Amethyst' Membership, which is $19/month

  • Chakra therapy

  • Yoga poses

  • Transpersonal therapy



Every membership begins with a FREE 7 day no-obligation trial so you are fully empowered from the start!



For those on a tight budget & affordability is the priority


  • 12 MTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM - Incl: monthly masterclasses, mediatations, PDF downloads, energy healing activities & more.



  • LIMITED VIDEO LIBRARY VAULT ACCESS - Access to 20+ live trainings and Q&A workshops on crystals, energy healing & spiritual development (updated every 3 mths)

Membership starts with a FREE 7 day trial!



>>>>> MOST POPULAR! <<<<<
For those who want great value

Incl everything in Amethyst plus..

  • ULTIMATE ENERGETIC ACTIVATION TOOLKIT - Every 2 months you'll receive the Ultimate Energetic Resource kit to embody and activate new energy in your life. Incl: guided meditations, crystal grid templates, energy healing techniques, breathwork, EFT & more!

  • UNLIMITED VIDEO LIBRARY VAULT ACCESS - Access to 50+ live trainings and Q&A workshops on crystals, energy healing & spiritual development (updated every 3 mths)

Membership starts with a FREE 7 day trial!



For those 100% dedicated to their transformation & want the VIP best

Incl everything in Quartz plus...

  • ​10% DISCOUNT ON KATE'S SMALL GROUP COACHING IMMERSIONS - At least 10 immersions to choose from each year.


  • UNLMITED ACCESS TO ALL KATE'S 'AWAKEN' BEGINNER HEALING COURSES - Incl: 'Chakra Healing', 'Sacred Rituals' & 'Beginner Crystal Body Layouts' (200+ pages of content, interactive quizzes, 20+ professional training videos & more)​

Membership starts with a FREE 7 day trial!

"In 2013 I was living in a tent under my Mum's house"

Hi Beautiful Soul, I'm Kate Mantello....
In 2013 I was living in a tent under my Mum's house with 2 small children. Thankfully, an injury made me realize that the only thing standing in the way of me living my BEST life, was ME. That realization unlocked a door of opportunity that had previously been hidden from me. Literally overnight, my entire energetic being shifted into a new frequency and I received powerful soul-downloads that would transform my entire life.


Within 4 years I bought my dream home, built a global healing business (making $500k per year!), got my first global book deal and retired my hubby from FIFO work. But I'm not stopping there! 

I believe we are all worth so much more than the 'system' leads us to believe. We are constantly disempowered and conditioned to accept unfulfilling lives and exchange our precious energy for an hourly wage. But the truth is YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND BELIEF and you can achieve anything... happiness, success, abundance, significance, empowerment and more!

Join my CRYSTALIS membership program and I will share with you everything I've learned about how to create a wildly impactful, successful, thriving and fulfilling life that is  spiritually aligned and in energetic integrity!

"Thank you so very much Kate for such an AMAZING experience!... The experience has had a PROFOUND CHANGE in me

and my life already...

I'm forever grateful that you created this. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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YOU can create the Abundant, Spiritually Fullfilling & Empowered life you dream of!

Taryn Matulj

CRYSTALIS Life Transformation Program...
Is it 
Right  For YOU?

Are you sick of feeling STUCK? Are you longing to step out of the shadows of financial hardship, unfulfillment or living a 'blah' life? CRYSTALIS is an empowering, soul-centered membership program which will drastically improve and supercharge your life! No need to spend thousands of dollars on 1-1 coaching or expensive personal development courses... All the advanced knowledge, support and resources you'll need to positively and permanently transform your life are right here!

CRYSTALIS will help you:

Stop feeling STUCK & get joyfully, purposefully ON-PATH

Get more focused and ALIGNED

HEAL emotional & energetic trauma - No more victim mindset!

Masterfully turn any life challenge into an amazing OPPORTUNITY

Expand your spiritual awareness & energetic healing abilities

Raise your inner value & attract more abundance

Feel happier, more empowered and in-control of your life

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So, how does it work?

Crystalis transformation program

Your CRYSTALIS Membership begins with a Free 7 Day Trial and guides you on an ongoing journey of inspired growth and transformation!

Your journey begins with our immersive, 12 month CRYSTALIS masterclass program, which will help you to unlock your alchemical potential and achieve massive and positive shift in your life. From there, your evolution will continue to be supported with ongoing access to personal growth challenges, a global support community, a huge personal development video library (updated regularly), monthly live workshops with Kate and bi-monthly 'Ultimate Energetic Resource Kits' (depending on your membership level).

Best of all, there's no catch or commitment. You are free to cancel your CRYSTALIS membership at any time!

Journey 1-1 With Kate! Coming soon...