Important information about our Accredited Crystal Healing  Courses & Energy Healing Courses 

Important Course Information



Our courses are all-inclusive. We welcome students of all nationalities and ages, and in most cases, there are no prerequisites required to complete our Practitioner courses.  However, students wishing to complete Level 2 Transpersonal Crystal Healing must have successfully completed Level 1 prior.  



Recognition for prior learning (RPL) may be granted to some students and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Students applying for RPL must provide evidence of their prior learning by providing us with any certificates and a detailed summary of their prior experience and/or education. The maximum amount of RPL granted for any course is 20%. Evolve CCH students receive full module-for-module RPL when upgrading to the Transpersonal Crystal Healing courses.



Some students are concerned that they won’t get a ‘hands on’ learning experience with online study.  Although this may be true for some online courses, our online courses are designed to be as engaging, interactive and hands-on as possible!  Once enrolled, you will gain instant access to our interactive and intuitive online learning system, using your own unique login details.  Each lesson is full of interesting and engaging information and activities including: text, video tutorials, guided meditations, quizzes, assessments and practical activities for you to develop your healing skills.  

Study any WHERE. any TIME. any DEVICE. 

Lifestyle Learning

Study when it suits YOU with flexible, 'Lifestyle Learning'.  Watch a video tutorial in the bath, or listen to a meditation on the train to work.... 

Our on-demand online lessons means minimal interruption to your daily routine.  Plus, 'all-device' access means less technical interruptions as you study-on-the-go from your phone, PC, laptop or tablet!

If you are more of a 'pen and paper' learner, then we've got you covered! Every lesson comes as a downloadable PDF file, which you can print and happily scribble notes all over! 


In addition to the online resources, you will have daily email access to your very own Evolve Healing Coach, who will provide you with encouragement, feedback and support when you need it. You will also have lifetime membership to our online student support group and can participate in monthly Facebook live Q&A sessions with one of our Healing Coaches. 



Our practitioner courses contain a range of assessments that you will need to complete to successfully graduate.  The assessments are designed to be fun and interactive and usually follow the pattern of completing an activity, meditation or healing session, then providing detailed written feedback and/or photos, which you will email to your Healing Coach. The assessments are really important, because will help you to develop genuine  healing skills that you can put into professional practice. 



​To keep our courses as affordable as possible, we give students the option of supplying their own crystals or purchasing a crystal kit from us at the time of enrollment.  A list of required crystals (and pricing) can be found in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section at the bottom of each course page.


​To successfully complete our courses, you will need regular access to a computer or laptop with Adobe Acrobat  (or similar PDF viewer), Media Player (for watching/hearing the lesson tutorials), Microsoft Word (or similar for typing your assessments), an email account and reliable internet access.  Please note that assessments MUST be submitted via email, in PDF or Word formats. Unfortunately we do not accept written assessments, faxes, OR SMS messages.


Because we are a professional training organisation, all our practitioner courses have a maximum completion time of 12 months, with the exception of the Certified Crystal Bodyworker Course, which is 6 months. This amounts to approximately 1-2 hours per week of study per course. You can complete the course much faster if you choose, too!

Students who enroll in Level 1 and 2 together, are expected to complete the course levels back-to-back.  This means they are allocated 24 months to complete both levels (12 months per level).  Course work is released every week, for 12 weeks, and then the remaining 9 months is to complete the activity and assessment work.  Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to track your course time, as each student is on their own individual learning schedule. Extension fees apply to continue studying beyond the course completion time.


Please visit our Enrollment T & Cs page for more information about course 

extensions, cancellations, refund policy, etc.

International Accreditation

A Crystal Healing Qualification that is professionally recognised in 26 Countries around the world? 



Feel confident knowing that your qualification is  Internationally Accredited & Certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA)Get practitioner insurance and exclusive industry memberships!​

The world is yours, with Accreditation you can Trust

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